Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 807

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Chapter 807

The three Mengbao went home from school, and immediately went to Mommy’s room to report their safety. But when they came to Mommy’s room, they didn’t see Mommy, instead they saw Silvia sorting her luggage in the bedroom.

Jason’s face was instantly cold. “Why are you in my mommy’s room?” Jason asked coldly.

Silvia glanced at the three children at the door and said, “This room will belong to me in the future. Your mommy’s room has moved to the top floor.”

“Why?” Derek asked angrily.

Silvia walked to the door and saw Jas and Derek’s faces that looked exactly like Jacob. For a while, she was confused and said: “Because I am the real eldest lady of the Yan family. Your mommy is not worthy to live in this room.”

Silvia always feels that eight-year-old children are not aggressive and will not cause trouble even if they tell the truth.

But she didn’t know that the gap between people was very big.

Especially the three children in Jacob’s family, one alone makes it difficult to resist, let alone three.

Faith resembled her, and said bitterly: “You, the Yan family eldest, stomp the baby for my grandfather, you are ashamed.”

Silvia was enraged and raised her hand to hit Faith, but was kicked away by Derek. Silvia staggered and fell to the ground.

Silvia didn’t believe that she couldn’t fight the three children, so she got up, grabbed the drying rack next to her, and swung towards Faith.

Faith was so scared that she quickly hid behind Derek, “Brother, help me.”

In order to prevent the drying rack from falling on Faith’s back, Derek flew up and kicked Silvia’s belly this time. Silvia’s belly had wounds left by a caesarean section. After being kicked and opened by Derek, suddenly blood gurgled.

Derek Faith hadn’t seen much of the world, and they were shocked.

Jason looked at Silvia coldly, and said coldly: “The sin deserves it.”

Silvia yelled in pain, and soon recruited Cui Anru and strict.

“What the hell is going on?” Strictly saw that the corners of Silvia’s abdomen were stained red with blood, he asked with trepidation.

Silvia pointed to Derek, “They caused me!” Her face was pale, her fingers trembled, and she looked very helpless and weak.

On the other hand, Jason who protected Derek Faith behind him, but his face was cold.

Strictly not dare to embarrass the descendants of the Zhan Family, so he can only roar and shout at Cui Anru. “Don’t go call Irene over and let her take care of her children.”

Cui Anru was furious, slapped viciously on Jason’s face, this slap was unexpected, and Derek did not react.

“Do you dare to hit me?” Jason glared at Yingtong, his eyes sharp as an eagle, slamming Cui Anru.

Cui Anru was frightened by Jas’s fierce and cold eyes, she was surprised and prepared, but she didn’t expect Jas to be young and his eyes were so frightening.

“I’ll hit you, your child has no tutor.”


Irene didn’t know when to appear at the door. Hearing Cui Anru insulting her son, she raised her hand and slapped her severely.

Cui Anru covered her hot face, “Irene, you hit me?”

Irene’s pupils were as black as the sea, glowing with cold light. “Aunt Cui, you can insult me, but you can’t insult my child, let alone beat him, especially my family’s silence.”

Because Jas has autism, Irene has been taking good care of him.

Cui Anru has violated a taboo.

Cui Anru was beaten by Irene, feeling somewhat dull on her face. Turning her head, she threw herself into the strict arms, crying so badly.

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