Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 706

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Chapter 706

“Also, the ultimate beneficiary this time is Elvira!”

“But I think Shaun is the master of this matter!”

“Let the Cai Guofu brother to death! He is the one who frightened Niu Yunkui and Xuepeng Wu got arrested! “


After hearing from Harper, the entire Bai family was in an uproar.

The faces of all the Bai family members were full of incredible colors.

After all, the former Shaun was just a worm in their eyes, just a waste.

But now!

It seems that every incredible thing has the shadow of Shaun behind it, which also makes Shaun’s identity more difficult to guess and extremely mysterious.

At this moment, even Mr. Bai felt a tingling scalp: “It seems that Shaun is no longer as simple as they saw before!”

“However, all this is a guess, nothing more!

” Now, we have a more important thing to do!”

More important thing?

Hearing this, all the Bai family member’s gazes turned towards Grandpa Bai.

“The New Bai Group has become our enemy!”

“So we urgently need a strong ally and that is Jiangnan Shengshi Group!”

“And in a few days, the young master of the Shengshi Group’s second shareholder will come. When he will arrive in Jiang City, our Bai family will meet him at all costs! “

At the same time!

In Elvira’s house, there was a cheerful atmosphere.

Paula made a sumptuous table of dishes, and the family ate happily.

This time, the New Bai Group successfully won the Blue Ocean Building, and it has become an instant success. This is indeed a thing to celebrate.


Shaun and Baishan drank some white wine, and even Elvira and Paula drank some red wine.

Until they were full, Elvira and Shaun returned to their rooms.

Shaun walked into the room, only to find that Elvira had a pretty face, red and gorgeous, like a flower in full bloom, showing a kind of charming and enchanting.

However, her eyes were staring at him, scrutinizing and questioning.

“Wife, why are you looking at me like this?”

Shaun asked with a guilty conscience, could not help but smile.

Hearing this.

Elvira’s pretty face became even colder, and the look in Shaun’s eyes was also filled with a complex color:

“Shaun, how did you do it?”

“Uh… Wife, I don’t know what you are talking about?” The look on Shaun’s face became more embarrassed.

Seeing that her husband was still pretending, Elvira’s jade hand slapped the head of the bed fiercely:

“Shaun, don’t pretend, I know all about your identity!”

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