Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 828

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Chapter 828

“Jas, who told you?” Strictly believe that such a professional assessment must be guided by an expert.

Jason looked disdainful, “Why don’t you need guidance. Anyone with a brain should guess it.”

Strictly embarrassed.

Cui An calculated evilly, this old house was written with Yan Mu’s name, and it was not her property anyway. If she can sell it, she can get a share of the money.

“30 billion is 30 billion. Anyway, it’s my own family. Just sell it at a loss.” Cui Anru was happy, and the price Jason gave was several billions higher than the market.

Yu Chengqian’s ability to negotiate with Jason. He can’t admire it.

Although Jason always treats him coldly, it doesn’t prevent him from liking Jason, “Jas, thank you for bargaining with Daddy. Looking back, Daddy will treat you to a big meal.”

This time the war suicide did not explode. Instead, he cast his gloating eyes on Daddy.

Want to be his cheap daddy, regardless of who his father is?

Sure enough, Jacob stared at Yu Chengqian murderously——

Yu Chengqian said with a straight face, “Whatever you look at, I know you are their father. But soon, I will be their stepfather.”

Jacob was so angry that he slapped his hands, and the launching device in the wheelchair suddenly appeared four or five nozzle devices, as if a group of demons came out of his body, all the hidden weapons of all kinds were shot at Yu Chengqian.

Yu Chengqian’s Lingbo microsteps are a must, and he immediately shifted between hidden weapons.

Soon the chandeliers and glass windows of Yan’s house were all rotten.

The others are hiding behind Jacob.

Irene was furious, “You two are going to fight.”

Jacob didn’t want to make Irene angry, so he stopped launching.

Yu Chengqian jumped down from the wall and patted the dust on his shoulder gracefully.

Yu Chengqian was too happy.

Jason suddenly turned off his business, “I want to buy this Yan family compound.”

Yu Chengqian gazed at Jas gloomily, “Jas, why are you going against me?”

Jas pointed at his daddy, “I am not against you, but my daddy is going to fight you.”

Yu Chengqian was angry, “Forty billion, I will buy it.”

Jason said: “50 billion!”

“One hundred billion!”

“Five hundred billion!”

Yu Chengqian turned to look at Yu Qian, and Yu Qian shook his head at him.

The money the father called them was only 500 billion.

“Why didn’t you point out more to the old man yesterday?” Yu Chengqian regretted that it was not at the beginning.

Yu Qian said with sweat, “How do I know that Chen Yaojin will be killed halfway.”

Yu Chengqian looked at Jacob suspiciously, “No, aren’t you the famous 100 billion president of the imperial capital? Haha, shouldn’t you buy a villa with all your worth?”

Jacob smiled coldly. The faint light in the eyes is unpredictable.

Strictly secretive and horrified, Jacob’s Media Asia has always been a little mysterious, and it seems that the outside world still has some misunderstandings about his rumors.

He was afraid he is not worth a hundred billion president long ago!

Yu Chengqian was unhappy when he was defeated.

“I have never lost money in burning money in my life. Today is really embarrassing.”

I’m sorry for the remaining money, “Master, I’m sorry, but I will let the old man pay more money later.”

Yu Chengqian glared at Jacob angrily, “Let the old man get the money, I will buy Media Asia.”

Yu Qian nodded repeatedly, “Yes, yes.”

Derek looked envious: “Uncle Yu. Does your family run a banknote printing factory?”

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