Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 921

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Chapter 921

There are many big bats hovering over the tourmaline manor.

The radar system on the big bat scans every corner of the tourmaline manor.

All living creatures had nowhere to hide under the sweep of the radar system.

The light of death, like an electric current, enveloped the living creatures. The living creature immediately turned into a charred corpse.


Restaurant. Jacob looked at the family who had fainted in front of him, Yeli smiled at the corner of his mouth.

Today was the last supper for him and his family. In order for them to cooperate fully with him, he put fake death medicine in their dinner.

“Come on, drag them into the biochemical coffin of the underground palace.”


The narrow passage from Xiangdingyuan to the underground palace became bigger and bigger after being excavated overnight.

Jacob came to the underground palace and supervised them to put Grandpa and them into the huge biochemical coffin, and he personally covered them.

This coffin can prevent all infrared rays and interfere with the radar system. And the sealing performance is particularly strong, can block the penetration of harmful gases.

A certain amount of oxygen is stored in the coffin. But it can only be used for about two days at most.

Then, Jacob left the underground palace and completely blocked the passage.

Back to Xiangdingyuan, with two high-fives, suddenly there was an extra family in the room.

The old lady leaned on crutches in an old manner, Zhan Tingye’s elegant and solemn expression, Zhan Tingsu sat in a wheelchair…

Jacob said: “Thank you very much. Our Zhan Family will never treat your family badly.”

“Master, the warrior is kind to us. It is our honor to be able to dedicate our lives to the warrior. Moreover, all of us here are terminally ill dying people, and death is not a pity.”

Jacob nodded.

“Then you go out with me.”

After Jacob had finished speaking, he strode towards the gate of Xiangdingyuan.

When he opened the door, the low-pitched vibration from land and air almost ruptured his eardrums.

In the field of vision, the people of Diewei camp were running around, and there were very few living.

Then, big bats landed one after another, and people in black overalls and cloaks came out of them.

They wear something like a flashlight on their wrists, and the light beams they emit can keep grass from growing. Using light beams, they are detecting living things.

An improved transformable chariot parked at the entrance of Xiangdingyuan. The chariot was very rusty, and it complemented the noble War Jacob.

When the apocalyptic people quickly approached Jacob, the corner of Jacob’s mouth conjured Yeli’s loneliness.

Then, running like a cheetah on the grassland, he quickly plunged into the hinterland of the group of people.

He fought fiercely with the group.

The “Zhan Family” would not stand by and watch, and the Diewei Camp of Aiyue Castle also rushed out wearing special armor.

Jacob said: “Let me see your skills.”

His legs were still somewhat inflexible, but this period. He strengthened his rehabilitation training, and he recovered well.

He learned Taekwondo since he was a child, and later fell in love with the more flexible Xingyiquan. In addition, he is smart, able to learn and use, and his boxing is both rigid and soft, and his movements are as flowing as clouds.

When the people of the last days surrounded him, Jacob had no fear.

His body stretched flexibly in the air, and his white shirt was like a lotus flower in full bloom, quickly knocking down a large area of the apocalypse nearby.

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