Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 922

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Chapter 922

However, compared with Jacob, the other guards of Tourmaline Manor seemed vulnerable.

They were either choked by the eschatology, or torn off their limbs, or chopped in the middle…death was miserable.

At this time, a specially made big bat fighter fell to the ground, and a man wearing a white hooded cloak came over.

The divine envoy immediately reported to him: “Young Master, the radar has detected that 1,780 people have died in Tourmaline Manor, and there are a total of 1990 cards of life and death.”

“There are still 206 people here. Quickly resolve.”

As usual, the young master swiftly and boldly issued the order, “Go and check, the identities of these dead.”

Jacob was slightly shocked. Since these people know that there are 1990 people living in Tourmaline Manor and 1,780 people dead, the remaining living people should be 210 people. Four more people?

“Yu Chengqian!” Jacob suddenly shouted.

“Don’t pretend to be a fool!”

The man wearing a white cloak and a silver-white fox mask came over.

“Jacob, do you know what the price is for being too smart?”

Although it was a disguised voice, Jacob judged from the ups and downs of his tone that he was undoubtedly Yu Chengqian.

For the sake of Irene and the three children, and to fulfill his selfishness, Jacob decided to lie to Yu Chengqian.

“The surnamed Yu, your little aunt hooked up with my uncle and gave birth to Irene. This is the shame of our Zhanjia. Our Zhanjia will never allow you such frantic Hedao messengers to enter the Zhanjia, which will harm our Zhanjia arrogance. Existing style.”

“What are you talking about?” When Yu Chengqian was driving on missions, he had always been an emotional robot.

But Jacob’s words made him desperate to the extreme.

Just because of that sentence, “Irene is the daughter of my aunt.”

“You lie!” Yu Chengqian was angry.

Jacob said: “Hmph, did I lie to you? You will know the truth by taking Faith’s hair for a genetic test.”

Jacob threw him a kit.

Yu Chengqian took it over.

Jacob used psychological tactics to upgrade, “Do you know why I suddenly didn’t love Irene? It’s because she has the most shameful blood of your Yu family.”

Yu Chengqian was furious, “Jacob, I want you to die.”

He stretched out his finger and pointed at Jacob, because his angry fingers were shaking, “You guys, what do you do with him? Can’t beat him, give me a weapon.”

A mad sneer filled Jacob’s eyes.

At this time, a few big bats took off, and countless new types of ammunition were projected on Jacob’s body. In an instant, fire began to burst into flames.

Jacob shuttles between the sea of fire like a cheetah.

At this moment, all the people in the Diewei camp took off their armor. Each of them wore the same white shirt as the Jacob, and kept the same size as the Jacob. They rushed to Jacob just like dead men, forming a natural barrier for him.

Jacob was stunned for a moment. This was the final arrangement his grandfather made for him.

At this time, Dish Guard projected a smoke bomb prepared in advance, and instantly black smoke filled the entire tourmaline manor.

“Young Master, get on the chariot.”

Together they supported Jacob to board the chariot.

After the smoke passed, hundreds of identical chariots appeared in the Tourmaline Manor. The exact same driver.

Jacob looked at the dead men who charged for him, only to understand: Grandpa’s Diewei camp had long been dismissed. However, the core of the elite disc guards was left to cover his departure.

“Grandpa, I take your mind.” A wicked sneer appeared from the corner of Jacob’s mouth.

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