Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 923

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Chapter 923

Yu Chengqian sat on the fighter plane, took off the special fox mask, and looked down at the tourmaline manor like a king. There was a smile on the eagle eye.

“Jacob, I want you all to bury my sister-in-law.”

The big bats on the land flew up in black, and rained dense biochemical bombs around the tourmaline manor.

Jacob’s chariot, like a demon that had been sealed for a thousand years, was released. It ran across the tourmaline manor, but the rear of the chariot leaked high-strength bombs.

When hundreds of tanks were blown over by big bats, Jacob turned on the detonating device.

“Let the splendor of Tourmaline Manor become history.” Stubborn tears filled Jacob’s eyes.


The entire tourmaline manor is like a huge planet suddenly falling and exploding.

The blazing flame rushed into the air.

It was originally a sporadic fire, but at this moment all the fires are connected into a huge sea of fire.

Yu Chengqian stared at the sea of fire, dumbfounded.

“Jacob, you are ruthless.”

Soon, the divine hermit reported: “Young Master, the Tourmaline Manor is permeated with toxic gas. The special burning gas that Jacob activated is a special burning gas. The people of the Tourmaline Manor will never escape by chance.”

Yu Chengqian was slightly lost.

“He is holding the determination to die, fighting against me. Jacob, your courage, your wisdom, your skill, I am ashamed.”

“Young Master, it’s almost dawn, let’s go.”

Yu Chengqian stared blankly at the fire below.

“The chariot of Jacob must escape this vast sea of fire. It shouldn’t be possible, right?”

The envoy of God said: “Unless he is a god, not a man.”

Yu Chengqian raised his hand, “The task is complete.”

Soon, the big bats that filled the sky above the tourmaline dispersed, and the sky above the black tourmaline returned to light.

At the foot of the mountain backed by the Tourmaline Manor, Janice stared at the big copper bell pupils and looked inside the Tourmaline Manor in horror.

She saw her elder brother driving a chariot and personally detonated the entire tourmaline manor.

“Do not……”

After a long time, the desperate Janice made a heart-piercing sound, and Irene stretched out his hand to cover her mouth tightly.

“Janice! Don’t call!”

“My eldest brother…” Janice was sadly speechless. She only felt that her heart was burned by a raging fire, and the throat was hoarse, which blocked her from breathing.

Irene hugged her tightly, “It’s all over. Janice, it’s all over.”

For them, they witnessed how wise and foolish Jacob dealt with the end-time killer, how courageously he ignited the detonating device, and Jacob used his own death to protect the final decentness of Tourmaline Manor.

At least, the end-time killer can’t humiliate the people of the war family like the old man in Mingyue Village.

It’s just that such a Jacob makes people heartache to breathe.

Xi’s faint morning light shot out from the east horizon.

Dawn enveloped the whole earth.

The sound of the fire truck rang endlessly in the imperial capital.

The periphery of the tourmaline manor was full of people.

But in the face of the flames rising several feet high, everyone seemed to feel helpless.

The mysterious castle.

After Irene had a short nap last night, her eyes slowly returned to light.

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