Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 924

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Chapter 924

Opening her eyes and looking at this familiar environment, Irene remembered. This is where Jacob forced her to induce labor.

Two beautiful and gentle maids walked in with wash water, and Irene asked them in amazement, “Last night there were bursts of explosions in the Imperial Capital. Do you know what that sound is?”

The two maids were slightly startled, their eyes turned red in an instant. Exit, the voice choked up: “That’s the voice from the tourmaline manor. We don’t know what happened.”

Irene looked suspicious, “Are you hiding something from me?”

The two maids lowered their heads, afraid to speak.

Irene opened the bedding and ran out with bare feet.

Outside the bedroom door, two ghost members stood by the door respectfully, like door gods. Seeing Irene, he immediately bowed his head strictly.

Irene stretched out her hand and squeezed the man’s clothes. The material of this suit was from Media Asia.

“Where is Jacob?” Irene immediately deduced that Jacob should have locked her in this mysterious place.

The two ghost members do not know how to answer her. He just kept silent and said nothing.

Irene glanced back at the two maids, who were obviously from Jacob. That’s why he refused to answer questions about Jacob so tacitly.

Irene looked for Jacob in every room in the castle, but she did not see Jacob.

Only Guan Xiao reprinted a marriage agreement from the study and walked to Irene again. With a sad expression: “The president said that he has tied you to his side for the rest of his life, and he seems selfish, and he is sorry for you. So now, he has decided to return his freedom to you.”

Guan Xiao handed the divorce agreement to Irene again.

Irene took it. Yesterday she was blind and could not see the content of the divorce agreement.

Today, let her take a good look at how Jacob cruelly treated her old lover.

She opened the front page of the divorce agreement, carefully reading each word, but the anger in her eyes disappeared little by little, slowly turning into doubts.

In the divorce agreement, Jacob gave her all the children and all the property, but the reason for the divorce was written “force majeure.”

It’s not that you don’t love.

When the divorce agreement fell to the ground, Irene seemed stupid.

Suddenly she held Guan Xiao’s hand excitedly, “Tell me, what happened to him?”

Guan Xiao’s mood was a string with a heavy burden hanging on it. After Irene was so noisy, the string in Guan Xiao’s heart broke.

He couldn’t hold back the tears anymore, and came out of his eyes.

“President, young man…”

Guan Xiao choked and said, “President, I shouldn’t let you know this news.”

Guan Xiao wanted to say something but stopped, Irene’s heart panicked like a wild horse.

“Guan Xiao, what do you call me?” Even though she was flustered, Irene still couldn’t ignore the two “Presidents” of Guan Xiao.

“You call me the president?” Irene’s eyes filled with a huge panic.

“Isn’t your president Jacob?”

At this moment, Irene seemed to be packed in a narrow box, suffocated, she wanted to rush out of the box to find oxygen.

Guan Xiao said: “The president transferred Media Asia to your name a few days ago.”

Irene’s body staggered, “What happened to him? Why did he make such an arrangement?”

Guan Xiao was silent.

Irene Hedong Lion roared: “Guan Xiao, as the president, I order you to speak immediately.”

Guan Xiao raised his eyes, red tears welled up in his eyes, “President, if you go to tourmaline now, maybe you can see him for the last time.”

The last side?

These words severely wounded Irene to the point of being almost paralyzed.

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