Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 927

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Chapter 927

Yu Qian took the genetic test report of Yu Chengqian and Faith and appeared in front of him, “Master, the report shows that you and the owner of the hair are indeed related.”

The kit in Yu Chengqian’s hands fell to the ground.

A touch of despair appeared on Wen Xu Xiuyi’s face, and then he drew out the four cards of life and death from his pocket.

Yu Qian Yingtong shrinks slightly, “Master, according to the usual practice, no one with a life or death card can live. Unless—”

Yu Chengqian’s gaze fell on the name of the life and death card, “Either die or become a member of my Yu family.”

The killer of the apocalyptic organization once let go of the people on the card of life and death because of his benevolence, and he caused huge troubles.

Therefore, his grandfather established this iron and blood principle.

As long as it is the person on the card of life and death, it doesn’t matter if you kill him.

If the killer is enamored with them, there is only one choice to keep them alive: turn them into eschatological people.

Yu Chengqian threw the life and death cards of Irene, Jason, Derek and Faith to Yu Qian, his lips lightly opened, and a decisive voice came out, “Holding the cards of life and death, catch the four of them before me.”

Yu Qian caught the card of life and death, “Yes.”

When he turned to leave, Yu Chengqian suddenly said: “Yu Qian—remember, I am directly responsible for the life and death of these four people.”

Yu Qian was slightly startled, “Yes.”

Yan Family Courtyard.

Ye Feng is like a cat, crawling on Faith’s roof.

According to Jacob’s instructions, he was wearing a black overalls, a black hooded cloak, and a ring on his left middle finger, engraved with the apocalyptic ring of “C”.

His mission is to protect Faith’s safety for the rest of her life.

This is the last entrustment of the president to him before he leaves.

After experiencing the tragic blow of the burnt down of the tourmaline manor, Ye Feng collected all his grief and turned grief into strength, vowing to his death to uphold the last wish of the president.

The day passed slowly.

Night came again.

When the big bat of the apocalypse organization appeared in the Yan family compound, Ye Feng hid in the dark night, filled with huge hatred in a pair of pupils.

Bloodshot was red, his fists were clenched, and at this moment he just wanted to tear all the killers who killed the foster father to pieces.

The big bat dropped a biochemical weapon, and the people in the Yan family compound were all stunned.

Fortunately, Ye Feng had long expected that the end of the world would use this hand. Put on the gas mask prepared in advance.

Without any waiting, the four Big Bat fighters stopped in the courtyard of the Yan family compound.

Five people walked down from each fighter plane.

There are twenty people in total.

Ye Feng’s pupils shrank and walked familiarly to Faith’s room.

Faith fell into a faint, and Ye Feng was hiding behind the door.

Soon, the door panel began to slide, and a divine envoy walked in.

Ye Feng jumped up and gave him a fierce palm, causing the person to turn around in a circle, muttering: “Encounter confrontation.”

Ye Feng walked out holding Faith, and nineteen divine envoys surrounded him. “Tell me, what’s your number?”

This is suspecting Ye Feng’s identity and asking him to answer the secret code.

Ye Feng slowly opened his mouth…

Just when the divine envoy thought Ye Feng was about to speak out, Ye Feng suddenly screamed at them, and then picked up Faith and ran wildly.

He is as fast as electricity!

The divine envoy hurried to catch up.

After being shaken violently, Faith quickly woke up and saw that she was being carried by a “Batman” and there were nineteen Batman chasing her behind him. Faith immediately began to cry with fear.

“Let me down. Bad guy.”

“I’m Ye Feng Brother.”

Ye Feng’s voice is like a long-dried spring, refreshing and sweet.

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