Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 928

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Chapter 928

Faith became less scared.

“Brother Ye Feng, who are they?”

“Faith, you have to look at them carefully and keep them in your mind. It is these people who forced your daddy to death.” Ye Feng’s voice carried the grief and anger of the same enemy.

When Faith heard that Daddy was dead, she burst into tears.

“Daddy, Daddy!”

Children’s voices are full of immature and green, and their power to vent their emotions is so weak.

But crying made Ye Feng feel inexplicably uncomfortable.

“Faith, don’t cry. Brother Ye Feng will avenge Daddy.”

Faith stared angrily at the group of people, “Yes.”

Ye Feng ran out of the Yan family compound and came to the end of the cramped street, where the group of divine envoys finally surrounded him.

Ye Feng hugged Faith tightly and asked her, “Are you afraid?”

Faith was experiencing a huge gap in her heart, from panic to grief and anger. When grief and anger expelled all fear, Faith became not afraid at all.

“Not afraid.” She shook her head.

Ye Feng was very comforting, “Well, hold your brother tightly. Let’s kill the enemy together.”

The envoys of the gods rushed up, and they slid a long blade out of their hands, and the cold light was splashing, slashing at Ye Feng.

Ye Feng held Faith, and Faith was scared to breathe every time she saw the bright knife above her head. Two little hands tightly hugged Ye Feng’s neck, fearing that she would call out, she deliberately gritted her teeth so that all the panic was locked in her body.

She did not dare to distract Brother Ye Feng.

After all, there are so many enemies, it is not easy for Ye Feng’s brother to hold her, hitting so many people alone.

Ye Feng’s Xingyi Quan is superb.

Moreover, his speed is very fast, a set of boxing methods can be used to strike out, which has the effect of four or two strokes. He quickly defeated several apocalyptic killers.

It’s just that the opponent is a long-term killer, and soon they found the flaw.

“Kill this kid.”

Ye Feng suddenly felt a little flustered after hearing the other party’s instructions.

When the opponent’s long blade fell, Ye Feng devoted himself to protecting Faith, leaning over to press Faith under his body, revealing his entire back.

The long blade fell on his back, blood spattered.

“Brother Ye Feng, you bleed? You quickly put me down.” Faith cried with tears.

Ye Feng said sharply: “I promised your daddy, I will never leave you behind at any time.”

Faith’s beautiful big eyes were stupefied by these words.

Ye Feng drew a ditch to gain his wisdom, and did not dare to be distracted anymore. On the contrary, the apocalyptic killer ordered the killing of Faith, which aroused all the anger in his heart.

He is like a crazy leopard, kicking out with one punch and kick, that is, with the power to destroy the world.

The leg of the last-day killer was kicked off by him.

The fierce battle between the two sides has entered a white-hot state.

The opponent is a dead man.

Ye Feng is determined to avenge the president and protect Faith.

In the end, all the killers were knocked to the ground by Ye Feng.

But Ye Feng had numerous knife marks on his body.

He held Faith, breathing quickly, and his tight nerves could finally relax.

However, at the last moment, the last killer in the Yan family compound chased him out.

He kicked Ye Feng on the back, and Ye Feng rushed forward unpreparedly, Faith and he fell to the ground.

“Brother Ye Feng.” Faith cried out in fear when she saw Ye Feng covered in blood.

“Faith, don’t be afraid.” Ye Feng climbed in front of Faith.

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