Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 929

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Chapter 929

The assassin approached Faith step by step, and when he stretched out his hand to Faith, Ye Feng suddenly accumulated thick hair, jumped up, and used his last strength to use a scissor kick to knock the assassin down to the ground.

But Ye Feng couldn’t get up anymore.

“Brother Ye Feng.” Faith squatted in front of Ye Feng, crying heartbreakingly.

Ye Feng opened his eyes angrily. Seeing the helplessness in Faith’s star-black eyes, Ye Feng raised his hand to dry her tears.

“Don’t cry, good boy.”

“Brother Ye Feng, you stand tall, I will take you to the hospital.”

Faith saw a cart next to the garbage room not far away. She used all her strength to push Ye Feng onto the cart, and then tied the rope of the cart to her thin body.

The road to the nearby hospital is not long.

But at every step, Faith walked very hard.

Sometimes you have to take a step and be pulled back a few steps.

Fortunately, Faith never gave up, and finally sent Ye Feng to the hospital.

Based on Ye Feng’s injury, the hospital immediately made a decision to transfer. So Faith accompanied Ye Feng to Huanya Hospital.

Junior Legend University.

The end-time killer Yu Qian was ordered to capture Jason.

However, given that the Legendary University is the alma mater of many instructors in the last days, the remaining money dare not make any mistakes.

Yu Qian found the principal Daoming’s original intention: “Principal, if you don’t want to be the enemy of the end times, we will hand over all the children obediently. We will leave when we find the one we need.”

The principal also knows the consequences of offending the apocalypse. Although the legendary university is also a strong castle, the purpose of the school is to cultivate the world’s top talents after all, and fighting the apocalypse will inevitably affect the teaching process.

The principal passed the order to let all the children go to the playground to gather.

At the moment, in Peter’s office, the plastic surgeon, Jason was sitting in front of the dressing table with a cold face, staring at Peter displeased.

“I…never put on female makeup. Neither will die.”

Peter raised his finger, “No, you will be good.”

Jason said: “Don’t be tricky, I can’t help my daddy, just want to trick his son. You are super abnormal in your heart.”

Peter turned dark and handed Jason a package. “turn on.”

Jason took it and pulled out a letter from it.

The letter is in Daddy’s powerful handwriting: “Jas, forgive Daddy’s choice. When you read this letter, Daddy should already be waiting for you in heaven.

You have to use ten times, a hundred times assiduous determination to strive for an early graduation. Go home with Mommy.

Unfortunately, Derek disappeared, and promised to find him.

In addition, protect your sister for daddy.

Love your daddy forever. “

The letter paper fell to the ground.

In the quiet and tranquil ice soul of Jason, it was as if all the fertile fields were burned down in an instant, leaving only a scorched black land.

Close his eyes and open his charming eyes again, and there are countless seeds of hatred that are taking root together on the black earth.

Jason obediently sat on the makeup chair.

Peter put on makeup and said: “I heard that the tourmaline manor was burned clean by the fire, and all the living things inside were burned to death. The people outside are the doomsday killers who forced your father to death. Wait for you to grow up. , If you want to avenge your daddy, your optical hacking skills are not enough. You have to learn martial arts, as well as strategy and tactics. The “Wu Xie” martial arts instructor of the legendary university has taught commanders in the end of the world for many years. Report his class, but if you don’t have a basic knowledge of martial arts, it is unknown whether he will accept you.”

Jason’s eyes showed a firm gaze: “My daddy, my mommy, and my brother’s martial arts are all good, and I—not bad.”

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