Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 930

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Chapter 930

Peter was slightly startled: “Confidence is a good thing, but in the legendary university, blind and confident will end badly. If you enroll in Wu Xie’s course, if you can’t graduate in ten or eight years, you may have to study in the legendary university. old.”

Jason gave Peter a death gaze.

Peter was startled slightly, “You little guy, why haven’t you inherited your mommy’s softness and tenderness at all, and the same virtue as your daddy. It’s not flattering.”

He smiled triumphantly, “I used to be classmates with your daddy, and my biggest wish is to give him this kind of iceberg personified women’s clothing. But I have never succeeded. Now I finally practice it on his son. Haha.”

Jason’s eyes filled with a breathtaking cold light.

When Peter saw this, his laughter stopped abruptly.

Sticking out his tongue teased and said, “You are colder than your father. It’s really boring.”

When the female version of Jason came to the school playground to gather, the apocalyptic killers did not recognize him at all. They arbitrarily took away another cold child.

Jason survived by luck.

Media Asia Medical Department.

Irene curled up on the corner of the bed, neither eating nor drinking, her eyes dull.

She has lost faith in life.

Irene and Janice stayed with her in the hospital, and Janice was also in a trance most of the time.

Irene comforted Irene for a while, “Lingbao, don’t do this, you have to live well, you have to think about the children, Jason and Faith are so young, they all need you.”

After a while he persuaded Janice, “Janice, you are still young and your life is still long, so don’t think about it.”

But Irene utterly slobbered, and the two women didn’t react at all.

Until Guan Xiao came over with a thick notebook and said: “President, this is what he asked me to give you before he left.”

Guan Xiao paused and said sadly: “Originally, he told me that if you hate him after he leaves, let you hate him, as long as you can survive with this hate. If you bear it without losing his pain, he asked me to transfer this to you.”

Irene’s stagnant pupil moved, and slowly stretched out his hand to take the notebook in Guan Xiao’s hand.

There are rows of numbers on the notebook, and Irene is startled.

Guan Xiao said, “He said, you must know the password. If you don’t know, let me remind you of three words: Jacaranda.”


Irene recalled how she and Jacob cuddled under the jacaranda tree full of flowers when she was a child. She said to Jacob: “Brother Jue.”

Jacob thought for a while, then replied: “!”

Irene pouted, somewhat dissatisfied: “How can you be like me?”

Jacob gently touched her head, “It’s not the same, I am more than you.”

Irene cried, “I love you for the rest of my life. Is there more than this?”

Jacob said: “Yes, I love you, I will live forever.”

Irene was dumbfounded.

It turned out that she 5201314was interpreted by him.

With tears in her eyes, Irene typed 5201314, and the codebook opened.

Junyi’s font, just like others, stands out from the crowd.

Irene read it with tears, but the more she read these words, the more pain she felt in her heart.

Between the lines is full of his love for her.

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