Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 958

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Chapter 958

Because they used to love each other so much.

Faith suddenly stood up, “Uncle, wait for me.”

Then, Faith ran downstairs and made Jacob a cup of Longjing tea, his favorite.

“Uncle, you have tea.”

Jacob was startled slightly and smiled: “Thank you.”

Jacob kept his identity in mind. After drinking tea, he sat on the piano bench, put his slender hands on the piano keys, and said, “Uncle wants to try this song “The Flower of the Other Shore”.”

Faith was overjoyed, “Okay.”

Jacob closed his eyes, and the familiar melody sounded in his mind.

Maybe it was because he remembered so well that he memorized the score that Faith had played.

Perhaps it was the memory guidance in the dark that allowed him to finish the song without error.

Faith applauded him, “Uncle, you play so well.”

Jacob played this song “The Flower of the Other Shore”, and the piano sound was exceptionally strong, with a vigorous momentum.

This is also the first time that Faith heard Daddy play this tune, and she exclaimed: “So “The Flower of the Other Side” should be played like this?”

Jacob laughed, “Everyone has a different understanding of words and music. Uncle feels that since it is love, there should be a heavy sense of promise to the end.”

Having said this, Jacob laughed at her, “You are still young, and probably don’t understand the meaning of this song. So you can’t play such a heavy sense of mission. But at your age, you can play this song. In this way, it is already very good.”

Faith said: “I understand. My mommy told me that she wrote this song to my daddy. Mommy confessed to my daddy through this song: whether she is in a beautiful and prosperous world or a nether flower On the lonely Huangquan road, she will never stop loving my daddy.”

Jacob’s smile condensed in his eyes.

A trace of touch came from the bottom of his eyes.

For the first time, he had such a strong affection for a woman he had never met.

He really wants to see her, a passionate and gentle woman who doesn’t love the bustling world.

Jacob couldn’t help looking around, but he didn’t find the photo of the hostess, and he was a little bit lost inexplicably.

“Your father owns your mommy, he is very lucky.” Jacob said.

Faith held her chin while Canruo Xingchen’s eyes blinked, “But my mommy said that she has met Daddy in this life and is her greatest fortune.”

A touch of desire appeared in Jacob’s brows.

Everyone yearns for such pure love.

He suddenly thought of his wife Qiulian, thinking of the estrangement and separation between their husbands and wives, which made him feel ashamed.

He is not a qualified husband.

Qiulian told him that since he had been in a car accident, she had become reluctant to approach him. Even if she touched him, he would feel sick.

He knew this was wrong, and many times he tried hard to restrain himself from this bad condition, but whenever Qiulian approached him, he would feel uncontrollable disgust.

Over time, the feelings between their husband and wife faded.

Her selfish and irresponsible man is naturally not worthy of a pure and beautiful woman like Faith’s mother.

Realizing that his thoughts had broken down, Jacob was shocked in a cold sweat. He actually had the hateful idea of blaspheming Tongbao’s mommy?

While chatting with Faith, Jacob received a text message from the fisherman Ahtong: “Ayue, come here, the fisherman on the construction site has an accident.”

“Faith, let’s play today’s piano here.” Jacob stood up and said.

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