Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 959

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Chapter 959

Faith’s face was disappointed, “Uncle, are you coming tomorrow?”

Jacob said softly: “Come on.”

“Uncle, can I ask for your phone number?”

“Of course.” Jacob left her the phone number.

Faith gave him a big hug, “Uncle, come early tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Jacob rubbed Faith’s soft hair. Somewhere in his heart is warm.

He felt so strange, why couldn’t his son Huzi give him such a throbbing?

Coming out of the Haitian Yise villa area, Jacob took a taxi and hurried to the construction site of Tourmaline Manor.

The journey from the imperial capital to the outskirts is long.

While he was worried about the fare, he suddenly received a huge sum of money on his mobile phone. The payer is “The Lady of the Empire”.

The lady of the Empire left a message to him: “Teacher Ayue, I am Faith’s mother, and the child likes your class very much. In the next year, I will book your time; please do not take other jobs. That’s right. , The salary has been prepaid for one year. If it is too small, we can discuss it again.”

Looking at the seven-figure salary, Jacob was lost in thought.

Faith’s mother is not like other women in the market, who cares about money, and Jacob has added a little favor to her.

He replied a text message to her: “The reward is very good. Thank you.”

When Jacob came to the construction site of Tourmaline Manor, he did not see other fishermen. Only Ah Tong, and Ah Tong cried when he saw him, “A Yue, what should I do? The other fishermen were all taken away by the police.”

The expression on Juejun Zhan Han’s face was very calm, “What happened?”

Ah Tong said, “There is a problem with the drawing. The president of Media Asia wants to dismiss Manager Huang. We fishermen are recommended by him, so we can’t stay here. After the fishermen heard the news, they went to the president for theory. Who knows but was sent to the police station by the brutal president. Fortunately, I didn’t go, so I escaped.”

Ah Tong had never seen the world before, and was a little overwhelmed by such things. “Ayue, what should we do? If something goes wrong with them, the two of us will return to the fishing village and we will be condemned by the villagers.”

Jacob frowned.

He didn’t want to see the female demon of Huanya again, but he was an indomitable man who could protect his little family, as well as the mind and feelings of protecting everyone. For the fishermen, he decided to negotiate with Irene.

Ah Tong brought Jacob to the design department. Irene had just listened to the design department’s drawing report and was lying on the chair a little tired.

Jacob and Ahtong just broke in, Guan Xiao didn’t know whether to stop or not. Staring at Jacob unscrupulously walked to Irene’s face.

“What are you doing?” Irene asked tiredly.

Jacob looked like he was inquiring about sin, “Those fishermen, what did they make wrong. Are you going to lock them up?”

Irene said: “They attacked me personally…”

A hint of doubt filled Jacob’s eyes. “How did they attack you?”

Irene said: “They scolded my mother Yasha.”

Jacob: “…”

Her glass heart made him speechless. In fishing villages, it is common for villagers to swear.

Jacob said: “They are just telling the truth.”

Irene was almost out of anger.

“They even beat me. I made high insurance investments all over my body, including every hair. They knocked down countless hairs of me and couldn’t afford to lose money, so I could only go in and squat.”

There was a hint of anger in Jacob’s eyes, “You just owe it.”

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