Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 960

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Chapter 960

This woman is simply the originator of the demon world. Even he, a man who never beats a woman, wants to get her hair out.

Irene: “…”

Irene was so angry that her lungs burst open, and shouted at Guan Xiaohe Dongshi: “Guan Xiao, are you blind? Can’t you see the two big people here provoking your chief executive? Pull me out— —”

Guan Xiao looked embarrassed, walked to Jacob, and said with a gentle tone: “Sir, my president is in a bad mood today, come see her tomorrow if you have anything to do.”

Jacob said: “I think she is in menopause, and she is in a bad mood every day.”

Irene jumped up with anger, “Don’t think-if you look a bit handsome, my old lady will pity you and cherish jade?”

Jacob Jun’s face is pale.

Irene clearly regarded him as a soft and cute little white face between the lines, which is simply a great insult to the straight man Jacob.

Guan Xiao saw that the two people were about to quarrel with each other. He hurriedly rounded up the field and explained to Jacob’s kind words: “Sir, that Huang Ping forged fake academic qualifications, the supervised construction site broke down, and other fishermen went in to cooperate the police investigation did not mean that our chief executive deliberately made things difficult for them.”

Hearing this, Jacob looked at Irene dubiously.

Irene had anger and resentment towards him, as well as great grievances. So it seems that she is very angry. She deliberately wanted to fight him.

“Guan Xiao, you go and say hello to the people in the police station and ask them to imprison those stinky fishermen to the old lady, or don’t let them out.”

Jacob looked at Irene speechlessly, “Naive!”

Irene said: “If you don’t ask the green, red and indiscriminate to interrogate me, the consequences are so serious.”

Ah Tong was almost crying, “President, please be kind and let them go. We fishermen are very hard, we can’t make money at home, and we encounter this kind of thing when we come out to work. Did not earn, but got people in. Uuuuu…”

Irene felt sour as she listened to Ah Tong’s complaint.

It turns out that the life of fishermen is so hard.

Jacob scolded Ahtong, “Don’t cry. You cry in front of this cold-blooded animal, it’s useless.”

After Jacob finished speaking, he left with a black face.

Irene said: “You stop me.”

Jacob looked back, staring at Irene fiercely.

“Why, want to embarrass me?”

Irene said: “Aren’t you trying to save the fishermen?”

Jacob arrogantly said: “I don’t sell myself.”

Irene: “…”

“Who wants you to sell yourself? I just want to ask you, do you want to let those fishermen stay to work?”

Jacob looked at Irene vigilantly, and was heavily guarded.

But Ah Tong nodded like garlic, “CEO, are you really willing to let us fishermen stay and work?”

Irene said: “We do need workers on the construction site. But this group of fishermen is too difficult to manage. If you want them to stay and continue working, I only have one condition.”

Jacob’s pupils tightened.

Irene knew that she wanted to get crooked again, and said, “You stay and manage them. You are responsible for their problems.”

Ah Tong was overjoyed, “So we won’t lose our jobs.”

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