Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 961

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Chapter 961

Jacob hesitated, but Ah Tong begged: “A Yue, you promised President Yan’s request. People in our fishing village will appreciate you.”

Jacob was a little embarrassed, “I have a job.”

Ah Tong said in frustration, “Ah, you have a job, so you don’t want to help us anymore.”

Irene knew that Jacob was a man who kept his promise very much. Since he agreed to Faith as his piano trainer, he would definitely not take other jobs.

In order to remove his concerns, Irene said, “You don’t need to come to work step by step. You just need to manage the fishermen and ensure that they abide by the rules and regulations.”

Only then did Jacob come down. “it is good.”

Guan Xiao called the police, communicated a few sentences and asked Irene: “A guarantor is needed over there.”

Jacob said: “Me.”

Irene pondered that the group of fishermen were a bit barbaric and uncivilized. If something really happened, whoever promised would be unlucky.

He gave Jacob a white look, “Just you? The objects on the whole body are not too expensive for my fingernail, what do you guarantee?”

Jacob said: “Vulgar!”

Irene: “…”

This guy is really a dog biting Lu Dongbin, not knowing good people!

Guan Xiao knew, and immediately told the other party, “President Yan personally pledged to release people immediately.”

After Ahtong and Jacob left the design department of Banlou, Ahtong praised Irene, “Ayue, I don’t think the chief executive is as scary as the rumors. She has a cold face and looks fierce. But as soon as she heard that it is difficult for us fishermen to make money, she showed kindness…I think she is much better than those women in our fishing village who look docile and kind, but secretly criticize Sanghuai.”

Jacob is slightly pensive…

Speaking of the devil making porridge for him, sending him to see a doctor, and then helping the fishermen, all are heart-warming actions. But thinking of her shamelessly saying that she wanted to take care of him, Jacob couldn’t agree with Ah Tong’s statement.

“The devil does this with ulterior motives.”

Ah Tong said naively: “Anyway, she takes in us fishermen who are desperate. In my heart, she is a female bodhisattva.”

Jacob shook his head. “It’s not too late to sing praises to her when the fishermen return.”

Anyway, he would not believe that the female devil would help these innocent fishermen for no reason.

In the evening, the fishermen returned.

All of them became hot pot ants because they lost their jobs.

Ah Tong told them, “We can stay, but the chief executive has spoken. We must listen to Ah Yue.”

Those fishermen looked at the silent Jacob with intense jealousy in their eyes.

When he was in the fishing village, this man was raised by his wife and was rejected by his mother-in-law. The men in the village looked down on him.

Now he turned to be a serf and sang, so he managed all of them?

Some people were not convinced and yelled, “Should we listen to this little boy? Are you wrong? I suspect he is dumb, how can he lead us?”

The others agreed, “Yes.”

Jacob said in a cold voice: “It is not for you to listen to me, but for you to abide by the company’s rules and regulations.”

The fishermen looked at each other, “We don’t listen to what you say anyway.”

Irene stood not far away, seeing this scene, the expression on his face was very difficult to describe.

I think her brother Jue was once the crown prince of the imperial capital, but now even a few fishermen can’t handle it. This deterrence is really not as good as before.

Irene walked towards the fishermen, wrapped her arms around the world, with a sense of superiority of all living beings, and said: “If you are willing to listen to him, stay, and if you don’t want to listen to him, leave immediately.”

As soon as these words came out, the fishermen were like grass on the wall, and immediately flattered Jacob: “A Yue, since the chief executive has spoken, then I will listen to you.”

Irene rescued Jacob, thinking that Jacob would be grateful to her. Who knows that Jacob gave Irene a sad look, clearly accusing her of being nosy.

Irene said gloomily to the official: “Buy insurance and social security for all fishermen.”

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