Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 962

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Chapter 962

The fishermen jumped for joy.

“I heard that after buying social security, we belong to the city. We can buy a house in the city in the future.”

The workers’ dormitory shook violently because of the jitter.

Irene’s head suddenly became dizzy, and her temper rose in an instant, “Guan Xiao, is this house also a tofu project? How can it be shaken so badly when you jump up?”

Guan Xiao was also puzzled.

Jacob suddenly took Ah Tong and ran outside, shouting, “Earthquake. Run.”

Irene was dumbfounded.

Jacob would rather take an unrelated villager to run at a moment of crisis like the earthquake, rather than pull her by your hand, this… really hit Irene to the point of no love.

Guan Xiao circled Irene and quickly took Irene out of the dormitory building in a daze.

Then, the temporary dormitory building collapsed in the rubble.

The earthquake stopped quickly, but fortunately there were no casualties and no other buildings collapsed.

Irene looked at the pile of ruins, her eyes slowly aroused resentment, and this gaze enveloped Jacob as if he was dying.

Jacob was flabbergasted, why is this devil looking at him like this?

As if he borrowed her rice to pay her chaff.

“Humph.” Irene grunted angrily, and left with a black face.

Guan Xiao squeezed a cold sweat for Jacob, and reminded him when he passed by Jacob, “Do it well.”

Jacob just wanted to say: “Which muscle has this woman cramped?”

She was angry just because he didn’t save her?

Ha ha, but why did he save her?

He is not familiar with her.

Irene walked more than ten meters away, but suddenly turned back to him angrily, saying: “You don’t have any kind of gentleman. Do you know what ladies first?”

Jacob sneered coldly: “I only save people who are worthy of me.”

Irene felt that she was so angry that he had a myocardial infarction again, and he inhaled, “Guan Xiao, Suxiao Jiuxin Wan.”

Guan Xiao came over and whispered to Irene: “President, the doctor said, don’t take medicine if you are not sick.”

Irene said: “My heart hurts.”

Guan Xiao sighed. Faintly glanced at Jacob, and said meaningfully: “President, haste is not enough.”

Jacob’s face was instantly dark.

Could it be him that the master and servant are conspiring?

“Embarrassed as a traitor.” Jacob said depressed.

Guan Xiao felt so difficult.

Irene was so angry that she left.

Irene, who was in a bad mood, would only go to one place-Janice’s rental house.

Janice was shocked when she saw Irene. “Oh, my face is so dark, did my brother offend you?”

Irene said dullly: “Do you know he is back?”

“Irene told me.”

Irene held the wine on the table and drank with her neck back.

Then she spits out while patting the table: “Your brother is a sc*mbag. When his old lady treats him badly, he can chase her vigorously. When his old lady treats him well, his tail will be up to the sky. I don’t care about it.”

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