Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 809

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Chapter 809


There was no trace of sadness on Bloody Buddha’s face. Instead, he stared at Shaun and he trembled with excitement.

That kind of look shows plenty of amusement in seeing his family.

Huh! Huh! Huh!

At this moment, almost everyone’s eyes were focused on Shaun’s back.

There are many big bosses below, there is no way to see Shaun’s face, but only Shaun’s back, they all feel infinitely tall.


Shaun nodded and then smiled at the Bloody Buddha.

His throat moved slightly, and his voice began to become harsh but it exuded a sense of coldness:

“Blood Servant, long time no see!”


When this cold and harsh voice fell in Bloody Buddha’s ears, his eyes suddenly became rounded.

It seemed to be the voice that made him dream.

Is it…is it him?

Water filled bloody Buddha’s eyes, he stared straight at Shaun, his voice trembled:

“You…you are…”

Seeing the excitement of Bloody Buddha, Shaun smiled, and then covered the lower half of his face with his palm, only revealing his eyes.

And seeing this scene.

Bloody Buddha got struck by lightning.



Tears as big as peas dripped from the eyes of Bloody Buddha.

For countless days and nights, he has thought of the Caribbean Sea, a group of brothers like wolves and tigers, and a man like a god.

That was his passionate life.

From the very beginning, he witnessed a teenager wearing a grimacing mask and ascending to the Dark Throne, his life trajectory has completely changed.

He followed that young man, conquered and killed countless people.

He witnessed with his own eyes that the young master has conquered one after another iron-blooded hero and built a blood prison legion that frightened countless forces around the world.

When he left the blood prison, he was like a lone wolf who had left the wolf pack.

Sad and desolate!

Until now, he had never dreamed that he would see his idol again.


At this moment, under the shocking sight of everyone, bloody Buddha burst into tears, and he suddenly knelt on one knee, covering his heart with his hand.

“The king!!!”


When the voice of the bloody Buddha came, the voices of everyone in the entire stadium once again vanished.

Everyone looked at the figure who was kneeling on one knee, watching him burst into tears with a pious face.

Everyone can’t believe their eyes.

“He… Is he the man the master mentioned many times?”

The blood wolf’s body trembled, only feeling his scalp burst.

What I have done?

I have dared to attack the King of Blood Prison and even planned to kill him.

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