Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 808

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Chapter 808

The Bloody Buddha at this moment, as if completely angered by Shaun’s words, a murderous aura surged over his body.

Body shape flashed.


There was a flash of red light, and he suddenly disappeared from the place.

Shenfa-Blood Shadow Tracking!

It is also one of the secrets of bloody hell.

However, as soon as the Bloody Buddha disappeared, the corner of Shaun’s mouth curled up, and a flash of red light flashed out of his body. Incredibly, he also disappeared.

Next, a scene that made everyone even more incredible, appeared.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At this moment, on the high platform, two silhouettes resembling lightning were fighting frantically.

Disappear, appear!

Punch after punch.

They are like two violent beasts, and each confrontation is carried out with the same secret technique.

Blood kill punch!

Blood Shadow Tracking!


Blood god legs!


After seeing the bloody Buddha and Shaun’s every move and every style, they turned out to be exactly the same.

Whether it was Leng Aotian, Helen Mountain, Blood Wolf, and the many Jiangnan bigwigs in the audience, none of them could believe their eyes.

“Oh my God, what is the origin of this Great Master Lin? How can he know all the secret techniques of the Bloody Buddha Society? And, even stronger than the Bloody Buddha!”

“Yeah, is there any relationship between the two? Otherwise, it would be too hard to understand!”

“So strong! The Bloody Buddha was completely suppressed by Grandmaster Lin! No matter it was fists, palms, legs, or feet! Any kind of secret technique can’t resist Grandmaster Lin!”


The many Jiangnan big guys below, flushed with excitement, were talking and guessing frantically.

The blood wolf on the stage has struggled to crawl out of the big hole.

After seeing Shaun actually suppressing his master, a kind of fear from the soul surfaced in his heart.

“Too strong! If he wants to kill me, even if I have been promoted to the Grand Master, I am afraid that I will be destroyed by his one move!”

The blood wolf then understood.

If Shaun really wants to attack him, he will not lose with one move, but he will die with one move.


Just when everyone around was talking about it.

Shaun’s whip leg and Bloody Buddha’s whip leg collided fiercely.


Bloody Buddha’s whole body was shocked again five meters away, and his footsteps slammed against the ground before he stopped.

“You… are you the master of the blood prison?”

At this moment, Bloody Buddha could sense that Shaun was keeping his hands.

He didn’t show his true strength at all, and he was fighting himself, completely testing.

It seems that he is testing his true combat power.

Blood Hell!

That’s right!

The only thing that Bloody Buddha could think of was that Shaun was also a person in the blood prison.

Moreover, his status and identity must be higher than himself, otherwise, he would not be able to control so many blood prison secret techniques.

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