Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 807

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Chapter 807


After his zhenqi blessing, he was surprised to find that Shaun’s fist also flashed a red light.

Two iron fists radiating scarlet light collided in an instant.


A dull voice resounded.

Bloody Buddha only felt a terrifying counter-shock force, followed his fist, swept toward him, and suddenly made him unstable, and he retreated three steps away.

On the other side, Shaun turned out to be like a mountain, not taken a step back.


After seeing this scene, the whole stadium fell into deathly silence again.

Leng Aotian, Helen Mountain, and all the Jiangnan bosses almost fell out of their eyes.

They never thought of it.

Shaun fought hard and didn’t move a bit, and forced Bloody Buddha three steps back.

How can this be?

One after another, the sound of inhaling cold breath came one after another.

Every Jiangnan big man felt like their hearts are beating faster and faster.

He has blocked!

Moreover, the power of a punch was even more terrifying than the Bloody Buddha.


After reacting, those Jiangnan bigwigs boiled again.

“Master Lin, mighty!”

“Master Lin, mighty!”


All Jiangnan big men looked at Shaun’s figure as if they were looking at a hero.

And the Bloody Buddha was completely stunned:

“Blood Kill Fist?”

“Impossible, how can you block the punch!!!”


The Bloody Buddha knew that the blood killing fist was a secret technique in the blood prison, which was not accessible to outsiders at all. Whether it was the method of running the true energy, the route of punching, and the means of exerting strength, they were all unique.

And now…

Not only the bloody Buddha.

After hearing the words of his master, the blood wolf crawled out of the pit with wounds all over.

He looked at Shaun with a look in his eyes as if he had seen a ghost:

“How could it be a blood kill fist? Didn’t the master say that this super-secret technique can only be used by people in that place?”

“And this guy…”

The blood wolf got stunned.

At this moment, he was shocked to discover that Shaun was not as simple as he knew.

When he was a master, Shaun’s three tricks abolished him.

When he became a great master, he was defeated with one move.

And now, he is more powerful than his master.

It seems that Shaun’s method is like an abyss, it is difficult to guess, he can constantly adjust his state according to the strength of his opponent.

This is simply incredible.

“Blood Killing Punch?”

“Not only this one, but also many!”

Shaun looked at the Bloody Buddha, with a playful smile on the corner of his mouth.

And the fall of this sentence made the body of the Bloody Buddha tremble slightly.

“Damn! You…you are actually proficient in the secrets of the bloody hell!”

“The king once issued an order that people who are not from the blood prison should practice the secret technique of the blood prison! Even if there are thousands of mountains and rivers, they will be abolished!”

“So, damn you!!!”

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