Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 963

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Chapter 963

Janice was very puzzled, “I thought that when you reunite with my brother, it must be a raging fire, and the old relationship will rekindle. I didn’t expect such twists and turns. My brother has no feeling for you.”

Irene was very depressed. “I also know that I am not gentle, not beautiful, and not feminine. But I am so good to him, can’t I make up for such a shortcoming?”

Janice was dumbfounded.

Then she said angrily: “It’s the bastard Irene, who talks in your ear every day that you are a tigress. Did he brainwash you? Sister Irene, you are the most beautiful, gentle and attractive woman in my eyes. Up.”

Irene was unbelieving.

Janice became anxious, “After you became the president of Media Asia, you used this layer of honey to cover up your stunning plain face, so as not to let those stinky men covet your beauty. If you are not a bit cruel, those men would want Riding on your head and making a mighty blessing. You are making a huge sacrifice to protect my brother’s inheritance. But I know. In your inner core is always that gentle, beautiful, passionate and dedicated sister Irene.”

Irene’s eyes burst into tears, “But over time. I forget how I was before.”

Janice racked her brains to think, “My brother obviously doesn’t have any immunity to you, I don’t believe it, if you attack him hard, he won’t fall.”

Irene looked at Janice pitifully, “How to attack?”

Janice looked at Irene, “How did you attack him when you were a kid? How do you attack him now?”

Irene seemed to be resuscitated, breaking her tears into a smile. “I know.”

Irene put the wine bottle heavily on the table. Putting on the boldness of a strong man, she walked out the door.

Janice called to her, “Sister Irene, where are you going tonight?”

Irene said: “Chasing a man.”

The night is sultry.

The fishermen were so excited that they couldn’t sleep because they got a job and bought social insurance.

They took Jacob to the nearby food street and found a cheap restaurant to celebrate the turn.

The rough men got together and had to use wine to add to the fun. However, Jacob drank some wine under the enthusiasm of the fishermen.

However, it didn’t take long for him to feel allergic to alcohol. His body was very itchy, and he soon developed a large rash.

“A Yue, what’s the matter with you?” Ah Tong screamed when he saw the red rash on A Yue’s arm with sharp eyes.

For generations, fishermen have had thick-skinned bodies, and probably have never heard of alcohol allergy. However, a few who thought they were particularly knowledgeable began to speculate wildly.

“Ayue, don’t you have some infectious diseases. I heard that some people will get terrible infectious diseases if they are disorderly in their private lives.”

“Ayue, we forgot to tell you, that Huang Ping has a lot of women outside, have you followed him…”

“I think that big president seems to have some meaning to you. The private lives of rich people are very chaotic.”

The fishermen babbled and labeled Jacob as contagious.

Others heard that it was a terrible infectious disease and immediately stood far away from Jacob. Even the best-hearted Ah Tong was far away from Jacob.

Jacob said with a black face: “I haven’t been unscrupulous.”

Then stood up, paid the fishermen for the meal, and left alone.

The street lights of the city cast a dim light.

Jacob dragged his weak body, and the street lamp pulled his stalwart body into a long shadow.

A pair of white high heels, playfully chasing his shadow.

Jacob’s body is becoming more and more uncomfortable. His allergic reactions are sometimes mild and sometimes severe. It may be that his physical fitness has been somewhat weak recently. In addition, he drank liquor with high alcohol purity. The allergic reaction was not only reflected on the skin.

Soon, he felt that his breathing began to rush.

He sat weakly on the bench in the street with his hands strangling his tight neck. At that moment, he thought he would die so alone.

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