Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 810

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Chapter 810


Blood Wolf just felt like an idiot at this moment.

He also hurriedly puffed, knelt on one knee, and said hurriedly to Shaun:

“The king! I was reckless and couldn’t recognized the true identity of the king. I was offensive, please forgive me!”

That’s it.

Blood Wolf didn’t even dare to look up at Shaun, and he lowered his head.

The beads of sweat continued to drip from his forehead.

And after seeing this scene.

Leng Aotian, Helen Mountain, and all Jiangnan bigwigs were all scared to pee.

“God… God! Unbelievable? Grandmaster Lin turned out to be the King of the Bloody Buddha?”

“Blood Prison? Was it the terrifying force on an international level? But, how could Grandmaster Lin be that terrifying force’s King? How could this be possible!”

“It’s no wonder that Grandmaster Lin’s secret technique is even more exquisite than the Bloody Buddha. That’s how it is! Oh my God, I didn’t think Jiangshi could hide such a stunning dragon?”


All Jiangnan bigwigs shivered with fright.

One by one, they quickly lowered their heads to Shaun.

After all!

He is the King of the Bloody Buddha!

This scared everyone’s guts.

And Mr. Bai, even though he was like everyone else now, with his head hanging down, but his eyes still couldn’t help but meow towards Shaun on the high platform.

For some reason, he felt more and more that the back of Grand Master Lin was so familiar.

Even his voice is familiar to the extreme.

Looks like Shaun?

“Will it be Shaun? If it is really him, then my Bai family, could it be that we are looking for our death? But I don’t know it?”

The cold sweat flowed from the forehead of Mr. Bai continuously.

That ominous premonition made him almost scared to pee.

The atmosphere of the gymnasium at this moment is extremely strange.

The Bloody Buddha and his disciple on the high platform knelt to Shaun.

And Leng Aotian, Helen Mountain, and all the Jiangnan gangsters in the stands lowered their heads to Shaun.

No one dared to look up at Shaun.

It seems that Shaun is like the master of this stadium, making everyone’s heart mixed, fearful and respectful.

Shaun didn’t care about all this.

He lifted the Bloody Buddha, and then said:

“You must be tired of wearing this mask! Take it off!”


Hearing Shaun’s words, whether it was the blood wolf or the surrounding Leng Aotian and others, got dumbfounded.


Could it be that the ugly face of the Bloody Buddha is a mask?

But how is this possible?

The Blood Wolf was completely stunned. He had followed the Bloody Buddha for many years, but he had never seen that his master was wearing a mask. This was incredible.

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