Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 964

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Chapter 964

Seeing that the situation was wrong, Irene rushed out.

“Brother Yue.”

Jacob looked at Irene who suddenly appeared, he was too weak to speak a word. Even the ability to call for help has been lost.

Irene saw the red rash on his face and said, “You are allergic to alcohol.”

There was a glimpse of confusion in Jacob’s pupils, this demon head was able to recognize his illness at a glance?

She did not, like those stupid fishermen, suspected that his private life was chaotic for no reason, she was inexplicably grateful.

She carried him on her back, and then hurried to the parking lot.

After arriving at Media Asia, Jacob was immediately sent to the rescue room.

Irene sat outside the rescue room again, spending the night nervous and anxious.

The next day, Jacob was out of danger and was sent to a general ward.

Irene sorted out his medical records, and sat in front of him and read aloud: “The doctor gave you a comprehensive examination. You have erosive gastritis. You should carry your stomach medicine with you. But among all the stomach medicines, are you right? Butyrin is allergic. You can’t use this medicine. Also, you are severely allergic to alcohol. You should never touch alcoholic drinks in the future.”

After reading aloud, Irene looked at Jacob solemnly. “Yesterday, you almost died.”

Jacob’s expression was indifferent, he had already ignored life and death. So he didn’t feel terrified about the danger last night.

Compared with his calmness, Irene seemed overly nervous. “Have you ever thought about it, if you die, how sad will those who love you be?”

Someone who loves him?

Jacob spent some time thinking about this question, did he?

Irene said: “In this world, there is always someone who lives for you. If you don’t cherish yourself, you will betray her love for you.”

Jacob stared fiercely at Irene, “I’m hungry.”

He doesn’t believe it, there are people in this world who will live specifically for him. He lives in this world, and the memories in his mind are all his eyes and dislikes.

Which pot is this devil?

Irene: “…”

Turning around and leaving, it didn’t take long for her to buy him hot porridge.

Irene helped Jacob sit up, and raised the hospital bed thoughtfully.

Looking at her, Jacob suddenly said, “President. Are you busy?”

Irene: “…”

Does this dislike her and take care of him?

Irene squeezed a sweet smile at him, “Not busy.”

What can be more important than chasing husband?

However, at this time, Irene’s phone number was rushed over.

Irene saw the call and cut off.

Irene entered again with perseverance.

Jacob said coldly: “Come on.”

Irene had to answer the phone, and Irene’s loud voice came through.

“President Yan, it’s time for the meeting, where are you?”

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