Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 965

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Chapter 965

Irene hurriedly clutched the phone microphone, looking at Jacob with a guilty conscience.

There was a thick sneer in Jacob’s eyes.

Irene knew that his lie had been seen through by him and no longer covered it up.

“I’ll be here right away.” She said into the microphone.

Jacob waved her hand gracefully, before saying directly: You can get out.

Irene looked at him angrily: “I saved you last night. Did you have nothing to say to me?”

Jacob raised his eyes, the enchanting black pupils were larger and vast than the Galaxy, making it hard to understand his emotions.

“If you stay away from me, I will be more grateful to you.” He said leisurely.

Irene was choked with anger, “You fellow, is your heart bitten by a wild dog? I didn’t save you yesterday. Maybe you exposed the corpse street today and you are being watched by a group of tourists.”

Jacob didn’t have a good air: “That’s better than being misunderstood by the fishermen that I was kept by you.”

Irene was dumb.

It turned out that she approached him so recklessly, causing him so much trouble.

He is such a proud person, who regards fame as his life, how can he allow himself to eat soft food and be taken care of by a rich woman.

Jacob saw that she hadn’t spoken for a long time, thinking that her only remaining moral concept had finally brought her conscience back.

Who would have thought that Irene walked up to him and swallowed the mountains and rivers with anger: “Brother Ayue, one day, I will let you fall in love with me, better than your reputation and your life.”

Jacob was shocked by her self-confidence from nowhere.

Irene finished speaking and turned and left.

When the nurse came in to take medicine for Jacob, he saw Jacob lying on the bed with his handsome face in black, and the porridge in the bowl was almost unchanged.

He was so angry that he had no appetite.

The nurse even ridiculed: “It is a very happy thing to be liked by my president Yan.”

Jacob wanted to die.

“Where is she good?” he asked coldly.

The nurse mentioned President Yan, with stars in his eyes, “President Yan of my family has a good appearance and a good figure. He can beat the rogue when going out and cook good food at home. His career is blooming everywhere, and it is good for the country. It’s your blessing to be able to like you with all your heart and soul.”

Jacob frowned, staring at the little nurse intriguingly. “Unfortunately it’s not the type I like.”

The little nurse smiled meaningfully, “You have the capital to be contrived. You can do it well, just don’t regret it in the future.”

Then, the nurse picked up the TV remote control board, turned on the TV, and specially tuned to the exclusive radio station of Media Asia.

“If you are bored, you can watch TV.”

On the TV, Media Asia’s meeting is being broadcast live.

Jacob stared at the TV screen boredly.

The conference room, which is as big as a cinema, accommodates nearly a thousand people, all dressed in rigorous suits and ties, all of them dressed in dark clothes.

Jacob did not find a woman in it.

Before the president arrived, the men in the meeting room were whispering, and the scene was a bit out of control.

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