Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 966

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Chapter 966

Jacob silently slandered in his heart: It might still be difficult for the devil to control such a big place.

The little nurse said very calmly next to him: “My chief executive treats all kinds of dissatisfaction, and this group of men dare to be arrogant in private. You wait, when my chief executive comes on stage, they will definitely be quail. “

Jacob glanced at the little nurse silently.

The female devil who has excessive hormone secretion can only please these immature little girls.

Who would like a normal man like a shameless man like her?

The electronic screen on the podium has been slowly opened, and the main content of today’s meeting is written impressively on it. Courseware topic-On the prospects of the Media Asia Empire: Eclectic talents!

Jacob saw the powerful calligraphy fonts, sharp, elegant and free. Can’t help but exclaimed: “Good word.”

The little nurse smiled crookedly: “This is written by our president Yan.”

Jacob was shocked.

He has always felt that words are as they are.

Characters can taste people.

The person who can write this type of font should be a man with pride and integrity.

Unexpectedly, it turned out to be the hand of a devil who was morally corrupt.

Probably after waiting too long, the participants began to become impatient, “What did President Yan do? Why hasn’t he come for so long? Can’t this meeting be held?”

A sneer burst into Jacob’s eyes.

If these people know that their president has forgotten the meeting time for his little-known man, he was afraid this group of men should be disappointed with their president.

He got a little excited inexplicably, gloating, wanting to see how the devil was late for her own scene.

Soon, the sound of high heels stepping on the floor came from outside the conference room. The sound was crisp and slow.

Jacob was a little surprised, thinking that she would rush to the meeting in a hurry, but he didn’t expect her mental quality to be unusually good, and she could be so calm even when she was late.

The noisy meeting room suddenly became quiet, and even the sound of needles falling to the ground could be heard.

When Jacob saw that these men who were originally arrogant suddenly became like quails, his eyes showed contempt.

Irene stepped on a melodious step into the vast conference room. Also found a perfect excuse for being late.

“Why, have all become dumb? The old lady has been watching you backstage for a long time. Didn’t you make a lot of noise just now?”

Jacob: “——”

This woman didn’t blush or beat when she lied. This thick-skinned face can be compared with the solid walls.

The men in the conference room were bluffed. Each one lowered his head and did not dare to come out.

Irene said, “I know, since I acquired your company three years ago and became the ownership of Media Asia and turned your bosses into my employees of Media Asia, you smiled at me on the surface, and secretly wished me Stabbed a thousand times. Am I right?”

Before this group of people answered, Irene waved her hand again, “You don’t need to answer, I don’t want to listen to your unwilling answers. I tell you, no matter what you think in your heart, you should all recognize this truth: He who obeys me prospers whoever goes against me perishes.”

Jacob Jun’s face twitched.

If this devil lived in ancient times, she would really be an undefeated figure in the East.

Irene said again: “I invite you to come today to tell you one thing: The future of Media Asia is determined by technology and talents. Those of you who occupy the pit and do not sh!t, if you can’t work hard and make achievements. Then, then. Don’t blame me for finding someone to replace you.”

Then Irene began to criticize by name, “Hua Tian, your performance is going backward by 30% year by year. If this continues, your Tian department can be revoked next year.”

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