Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 967

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Chapter 967

“Media Asia Baishi, your performance this year is 13.74% lower than last year. If you continue to be depressed like this, you can really go to death (July 4th).” Irene eloquently insulted all failures. Department.

Participants took out their handkerchiefs one by one, wiping the cold sweat on their foreheads.

Irene stood on the podium, wearing a fiery red suit. Nine-point pants, white lace shirt tucked into the trousers, the outer suit is casually draped over the shoulders, one hand is akimbo, a long wavy hair, dark complexion, smoky eyeshadow, purple and black lipstick, Yu Jie Fan Suoxiang is invincible.

Jacob looked at the woman on the TV screen. The brows are frowned like bitter gourd.

In his eyes, women are weak and boneless, they bloom quietly, and they are subtle and beautiful.

Just like Qiulian.

Irene, a queen with an aura of 1.8 meters, is simply an alternative.

When Jacob was in deep thought, his mobile phone SMS alert sounded suddenly.

He looked down at the phone. The text message was sent by Qiulian, with only two words: “Quick reply.”

Jacob immediately called back. When Qiulian received the call, she almost cried out, “Jincao…Jincao… he can’t survive.”

Jacob’s low-alcohol magnetic voice sounded under the low pressure, “What the hell is going on?”

Qiulian cried and cried: “I don’t know. After you leave, he doesn’t even drink water. How many days have passed since this, and the village doctor said that he could not make it through.”

Jacob’s face changed transiently, and the hand holding the phone trembled slightly.

The nurse asked with concern: “Why, there are patients at home?”

Jacob nodded, “Patient who has been in a coma for several years.” His expression was very worried.

The nurse was very calm, “We Media Asia is the most technologically advanced medical center in the world. If you send him to Media Asia Hospital, there may be miracles.”

Jacob knew that the hospital he was in was the world-famous Media Asia Hospital. However, Jacob looked embarrassed when he thought of his embarrassment.

He asked the nurse, “How much do I need to pay in advance for vegetative hospitalization?”

The nurse pursed her lips and smirked, “Media Asia charges high fees. If it is this kind of intractable disease that requires long-term hospitalization and a joint consultation of experts, there are not millions of people who can’t live in. However, the president of my family is very kind. If you go to intercede with her, maybe the CEO will be very kind to you.”

Jacob’s gaze fell on Irene on the TV screen again. His eyes had portrayed Irene’s domineering side eyebrows, and only felt that this kind of woman should be a naturally cold-blooded animal.

If it’s not for him, how can he be kind to him casually?

After the meeting, Irene returned to Media Asia Medical Department.

The little nurse strayed quickly.

Irene stood beside Jacob’s hospital bed, overlooking him condescendingly, like interrogating a prisoner, “Why didn’t you eat?”

Jacob’s eyes filled with dissatisfaction, a stinky expression of “it’s your a$s”.

Irene picked up the porridge, walked to the microwave oven, heated the cold porridge, and then returned to the bed.

She took a spoonful of porridge and handed it to his mouth.

Jacob’s mouth was closed tightly, and the gap between his teeth was even more seamless. The enchanting eyes stared at Irene angrily.

“No? Do you want me to feed you myself?”

She opened her purplish black lips and fed the porridge into her mouth. Then she pinched Jacob’s chin… and bent over.

Jacob finally understood what she meant by “feeding him personally”, and his handsome face turned pale immediately, and he shouted in panic, “What are you doing?”

Irene raised her neck and gulped the porridge into her stomach. Then squeezed a threatening smile at him.

Jacob picked up the porridge and ate it quickly.

Irene touched his unruly hair, smiling sweeter than honey. “This is good.”

The voice was gentle as if wiping honey, unlike the domineering arrogance during the meeting.

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