Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 978

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Chapter 978

Does this allude to her being ugly?

Irene didn’t fall into her pit, and said proudly, “When I see the plain face, I will wonder where the little fairy went down?”

The corners of Jacob’s lips twitched violently, “Wang Po.”

Irene said: “I’m just telling the truth.”

Jacob looked at Irene, who smiled with a sweet smile, and somehow felt that this female devil didn’t seem to be that annoying.

On the contrary, innocent is a little cute.

“Why do you want to do business?” he asked curiously.

He always feels that Irene’s bones are actually soft and cute, not as sturdy as she pretends.

Business is not in line with her character.

Irene sighed lonely, “This is my promise to him.”

Jacob listened intently.

Irene said: “I promised him that I can be a climbing trumpet creeper, or a kapok tree to fight against him.”

She paused and said: “He is gone, I want to be strong and be a tree. Like him, the branches and leaves will stretch upwards to prop up a blue sky for all the weak. The roots plunge into the ground without fear of wind and rain. “

Jacob was shocked, Irene’s words completely overthrew his previous misunderstanding of her.

It turns out that girls are not necessarily soft and boneless. They can be like Irene, both weak and tough.

“Who is he?” he asked curiously.

“Huh?” Irene was a little confused.

“That person, I am admirable for teaching you so well,” he said.

Irene stunned.

Does this person still say that he is the prince?

She sees, he and her are half a cat.

“My big brother.” Irene smiled brightly.

Jacob nodded as if to understand.

After the meal, when Jacob went to check out, the cashier told him, “Sir, that lady has already checked out.”

Jacob asked Irene coldly: “How much? I’ll pay you back.”

Irene smiled and said, “Didn’t you say it? You treat, I pay.”

Jacob was slightly startled, he was actually calculated by this little woman.

Irene looked at his shriveled expression and smiled: “We don’t distinguish each other, my money is your money, your money… or your money. It’s the same for everyone.”

What kind of messy logic!

Irene didn’t see that the ice sculpture face of Jacob became more and more ugly.

“Since I don’t know each other, can your bank card be used for me?” Jacob teased.

He was sure that Irene would not be willing to give him a piece of her gold and silver mountains.

Irene stared at him blankly…

Jacob looked at her coldly: “Reluctant?”

“Before speaking, use your brain before you speak, and don’t be influenced by s3x hormones when you tease a man.”

Irene was so excited that she grabbed his hand, “This is what you said, you can’t break your promise.”

Jacob: “…”

Irene took out the wallet from the handbag and drew out all the UnionPay cards in it. She was so excited, “Look, take whichever you like.”

Jacob dumbfounded!

“I’m just talking.” Jacob grinds his teeth secretly, his handsome face darker than the bottom of the pot.

This woman is really generous to him.

Is this the rhythm to support him?

Seeing his sullen expression, Irene silently put the card away and put it into the bag.

Coming out of the hotel, Jacob showed the cold and abstinence of a straight male with advanced cancer, and said goodbye to Irene, “I’m leaving, goodbye.”

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