Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 979

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Chapter 979

Jacob’s long legs moved forward, and he was about to leave.

Irene was dazed in place.

On the dark face is the expression of a deep-humped woman, “Hey, if you invite me to dinner, aren’t you responsible for sending me home? It would be dangerous for me to go back alone?”

Jacob’s long and stalwart spine stagnated, and turned back. Said: “Ms. Yan, you are a queen with eight legs walking horizontally in the imperial capital. Who dares to break ground on Tai Sui’s head?”

Irene immediately pretended to be a pitiful and helpless little lamb, grabbing her sleeves with little hands. “A peerless beauty like me who is born and beautiful, there are too many men coveting me, usually I will bring bodyguards by my side, today there is no bodyguard to protect me, I will be afraid when I go back alone.”

The corners of Jacob’s lips twitched violently, “I believe you if they said they coveted your money. Who would covet your beauty? Unless he is blind.”

Irene was so angry that she made a fist behind him, really wanting to stun the poisonous man with a palm.

The teardrops under Irene’s eyes were gurgling out like spring water. She is a great dramatist, and she knows the weakness of the man in front of her.

As long as she desperately shows weakness-his sympathy will overflow.

When Jacob saw her crying, he did not sympathize, but looked disgusted, “Are your tears worthless?”

Irene: “——”

“Or, I’ll go to your house for the night.” Irene suggested.

She just didn’t want to be separated from him anyway.

Jacob looked sad and misty. “Are you a dog skin plaster?”

Irene smiled and shook her head: “Dog skin plaster can be torn off even if you stick it on. You don’t want to be torn off if I stick it on.”

Jacob: “…”


Irene looked at him with an unprecedented pair of sad eyes. “You have pity on me, a weak and helpless little woman.”

Jacob said helplessly: “Well, I’ll take you home.”

Irene turned from sorrow to joy, “Yes.” Nodding cheerfully.

Two people walked side by side on the long sidewalk.

Irene’s fingers naughtily hooked his fingers, Jacob retracted his hand and glared at her viciously as if he had been shocked.

But she did something wrong and kept her eyes away from other places.

After Jacob glared at her a few times, he could only give up.

Then she became even more daring and tried to take his arm.

Jacob stepped away and said angrily: “Miss Yan, please respect yourself.”

Irene is like a kid who has done wrong, nodding obediently. “Oh.”

Then she walked up to him, now she was honest, and there was a hint of timidity in her voice, “Brother Ayue, do you know the meaning of the saying that you have enough food and eat to win your desires?”

Jacob was speechless.

“Why should I promise you to take you home?”

Irene said softly: “Because I’m so cute and easy to fall down.”

Jacob let out a long sigh.

Jinggui’s teary face looked at Irene deeply with anger. “Are you talking so badly to men?”

Irene’s smile froze in an instant, and she corrected her words very seriously: “No, I am a ruthless exterminator in front of other men. Only in front of you can I restore my original nature.”

Jacob was slightly startled…He was no longer so repulsive to her unruly debauchery in his heart.

The sky gradually darkened.

The long sidewalk seems to have no end.

Jacob suddenly stopped walking, looking at her angrily, “Where is your home?”

Irene looked at the unfamiliar scenery ahead, her face a little stunned, “We seem to have gone wrong.”

Jacob collapsed, “After walking for so long, did you tell me that you went wrong? Why did you go?”

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