Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 983

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Chapter 983

Realizing that his emotions were being controlled by the devil, Jacob sat up in despair, and after a heavy sigh, he stood upside down in the corner.

He had to force himself to calm down and distinguish his feelings for Irene.

But no matter how hard he thought, he couldn’t figure out whether his feelings for Irene were like, dependent, or hated to the extreme?

The next day, Jacob resolutely submitted an application for resignation to the person in charge of the Engineering Department. Then he moved out of the dormitory and rented a suite of two-in-one rooms in the obscure neighborhood of the Imperial Capital.

He thought that after he found a stable job, he should pick up Qiulian and the child.

Yijue his messy thoughts about Irene.

When Irene learned that Jacob had left the construction site, she sat at the desk in the president’s office and sighed sadly.


Didn’t she just give him a strong k!ss?

He was as embarrassed as a wife, and even clamoring for resignation, even deliberately avoiding her?

When she kissed him before, the corners of his mouth were flying, his brows and eyes were grinning, and his smile was brighter than a mountain flower.


Irene sighed again!

Irene sat opposite Irene, the folder in her hand was opened and stood upright on the table. Inside, there was a small book of Imamaya plum. The contents of the illustrations were unsightly.

After hearing Irene’s nth sigh, Irene raised her eyes and looked at him: “The Jacob has offended you again?”

Irene said weakly, “He deliberately avoided me.”

Irene asked, “What on earth did you do to him? You scared him like this?”

Irene opened her innocent eyes and said, “I just kissed him forcibly.”

Irene was stunned. He could imagine Jacob’s kind of proud man with super-controlling desire. After being kissed by a little woman, it is estimated that he has the heart to die.

“Irene, can you be a little reserved in front of him?” Irene was shocked by his sister’s sturdiness, so that all the seven souls and six souls were dislocated.

“You really think of him as the trash that was rejected by the mother-in-law of the fishing village. There is the blood of the king in his bones. He can only control the fate of others in this life, and don’t want others to control his fate. Irene, you actually kissed him forcibly? …It’s really dead.”

Irene grabbed the folder in front of Irene and patted Irene, “What are you doing to him?”

Irene relaxed her vigilance, and the villain was exposed.

Irene didn’t notice it at all, and said seriously: “Men like women with fluttering hair and fluttering dresses. Especially those weak women who speak awkwardly and crisply. In front of such women, men will have a natural desire for protection. .”

Then he glanced at his sister disgustingly, “Look at you, just like “punch the imperial capital bully, kick the ruffian in Yancheng, and criticize Yiwu to make friends” on the face. How can you let a man like Jacob be able Feeling sympathy for you?”

Irene was frustrated by Irene.

His gaze fell on the little man book in front of Irene, and then he placed this bottle of plum in front of Irene’s eyes, “I think you are a love beast thinking with your lower body, what kind of hair is fluttering, your dress is flying, and your head is filled Is it all this picture? Why, Sister-in-law can’t satisfy you?”

A touch of sadness flashed through Irene’s eyes.

Irene leaned forward, “You won’t be hit by me? Are you really at odds with your sister-in-law?”

Irene pushed her face back, “What nonsense? I’m fine with Xiaoyu.”

Irene stared at the tingling pain in Irene’s eyes, and she felt uneasy for some reason.

“Brother, are you and sister-in-law hiding things from me?”

Irene said, “Your sister-in-law and I are hiding things from you. Every night we have to say those nasty words. Can’t we share them with you one by one, right?”

Irene sneered lightly, “Shameless.”

Irene breathed a sigh of relief almost inaudible.

Then the conversation turned around, “Would you like Big Brother to help you dig the ground and dig him out?”

Irene said, “After you find him, don’t disturb him. Find someone to secretly protect him.”

Irene joked with his sister in a serious manner, and stood up and saluted: “Yes, madam!”

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