Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 984

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Chapter 984

After Irene left, Irene stared at Jin Ping Mei in a daze.

After Jacob moved to the rental house, his world became clean.

There was no provocation by the fishermen, and no harassment by Irene.

Every day in the room is quiet.

But he felt extremely lonely.

There seemed to be a missing piece in his heart, empty.

He bought many books for himself, bought painting materials, and bought a piano.

The study time is arranged every day, and his profound knowledge is advancing by leaps and bounds. Even he himself finds it so strange, most of the things in the book, he will read it once. And it can also draw inferences from one another and blend in through.

On this day, on a whim, he set up a drawing board, adjusted the paint, and started painting.

On the white rice paper, he raised his paintbrush, but he didn’t know what landscape to paint.

Finally, simply let the paintbrush follow his feelings and slowly sway.

In the end, there was a beautifully colored portrait on the rice paper. When he saw the portrait on the paper, he was shocked.

The girl in the portrait has long straight hair that reaches her waist, her eyebrows are like distant mountains, her eyes are like obsidian, her nose is small and straight, her complexion is fair and white, and her lips are thin and crimson.

The palm-sized face was as pure as an innocent child, and she looked at him with a pair of eyes, as gentle as a harmless little pet.

Qiaoxiaoyanran, beautiful!

Jacob’s eyes slowly overflowed with a petting smile.

This kind of quiet virgin is like a rabbit, beautiful as a fairy, there should only be in the sky!

On the weekend, Faith called him.

“Uncle, it’s Saturday tomorrow, will you come to practice piano with me?”

Faith’s voice was like a breeze, taking away all his worries.

“Okay.” He smiled.

“Uncle, do you want to listen to my mommy’s other flowers? Mommy is with me now!” Faith.

Jacob’s heart jumped violently inexplicably.

“Uncle has this honor?”

Faith: “Of course.”

Jacob heard Faith’s voice, “Mommy, quickly play the other side flower. Uncle wants to listen.”


Faith’s mummy replied very readily, which made Jacob’s anxiety a little less.

Soon, the piano sounded melodiously.

There is no sense of heaviness that promises money to the end, but it is as light as a butterfly wing, like a trickle, so that a picture of the green mountains and rivers on both sides of the bank appeared before him.

He had some feelings, it turned out that this song “The Flower of the Other Shore” meant this.

Don’t ask for vigor, but forever!

He thought she was an extraordinary elf.

It turned out to be a woman with a scent of fireworks.


The next day.

Jacob came to Haitian Yise at the agreed time.

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