Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 985

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Chapter 985

The person who accompanied Faith today was not Ye Feng, but his uncle Irene.

When Irene saw Jue Jacob, she couldn’t help but think of the past between him and Jue Jacob: They were both sisters of the other party, and Jue Jacob and Irene cultivated the fruit, but he and Janice were different.

There are also painful memories of Jacob’s previous death gaze that almost scared him out of depression.

Irene thought about taking advantage of Jacob’s amnesia, and quickly repay these new and old hatreds. Otherwise, he will be upset all his life.

“Teacher Ayue, I heard Faith say that you only played one piece of music last time?” The words are harsh. “Are you ashamed of playing a piece of music with such a high salary?”

Jacob had no shame, calmly said: “Yeah.”

Cherish the word as gold!

Irene deliberately made things difficult for him, “Then can you teach a few more songs today? My Tongbao is a genius. Just listen to any song.”

Jacob still faintly said, “Yes.”

Irene tickled his teeth with hatred, “Teacher A Yue, you are now Faith’s teacher. It’s inappropriate for you to cherish words like this. Can’t you say a few more words?”

Jacob handed him a death gaze, “I’m facing you, I can’t tell.”

Irene was choked…it was choking.

Well, it turns out that even though this guy has amnesia, his eloquence in arguments has not dropped sharply.

Irene changed his strategy. He followed Jacob and Faith into the piano room. Jacob sat on the piano bench next to Faith, and Irene sat behind them.

He wanted to see, Jacob had lost his memory, and he should not be able to play a few songs. What did he rely on to fool Tongbao.

“Uncle, what do you want to hear today? I’ll play it for you!” Faith was very witty to rescue Jacob.

“Just play what you like.” Jacob laughed.

Irene was in a hurry, Faith bombs, Jacob listened, is it possible that Jacob was able to get through?

“Faith, Teacher Ayue plays better than you, and you ask Mrs. Ayue to teach you a new song.” Irene started to make bad ideas in order to fight Jacob.

Faith turned around and started rolling her eyes at Irene viciously.

Irene was most afraid of Faith’s white eyes. When he saw Faith roll his eyes for the first time, those white eyes scared him almost to faint.

“Uncle, go and make us a cup of fruit tea.”

Irene stood up, “Okay.”

He tried his best to think about the fruits that Jacob didn’t like to eat…

Faith seemed to see through his thoughts, and added, “I want to drink pure apple juice.”

Irene’s plan fell through, “Oh”, “I know.”

After Irene left, Jacob said to Faith: “Your uncle is right. Since I am a teacher, I should teach you new knowledge. I will teach you a new song, do you like it?”

Faith nodded, “Yeah.”

Jacob played his new song “Mountain High and Flowing Water” in recent days. The sound of the piano is very gentle and melodious, which is very different from his previous playing style.

Faith wondered: “Why did my uncle play “The Flower of the Other Side” so hard, the sound is sonorous, the rhythm is heavy and slow? But this “Mountain High and Flowing Water” is as light as a dragonfly? If I remember correctly, this song “Mountain High” “Flowing Water” is a hard-to-find tune to promote love, and is similar to “The Flower of the Other Side” which promotes love?”

Jacob was slightly startled.

Had it not been for Faith’s reminder, she had not been surprised by the change in his interpretation of emotions.

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