Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1009

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Chapter 1009

At this moment, everyone was praising Elvira and Shaun.

All the guests looked at Elvira again, full of awe and flattery.

And on the side Chang Yuan is completely lost, he is like a falling dog, embarrassed and miserable.


“Who is he? Also, Is it that Tian Shao and others have gone to the parking lot to see Shaun?”

Thinking of this.

Chang Yuan’s eyes lit up suddenly, and he quickly got up from the ground, then walked quickly outside the box.


After Chang Yuan got out of the box, he went straight to a window on the tenth floor.

Looking down from this window, he saw the parking lot outside the hotel door, a thin figure was standing silently in the dim parking lot.

It is Shaun!

“Shaun! I don’t believe it if you broke Tian Shao and others’ legs, and still, they don’t hate you at all!”

“This is impossible, absolutely impossible!”

At this moment, Chang Yuan only felt his heart pounding wildly.

He didn’t want to believe that Shaun is this powerful.

He also didn’t want to believe that Shaun was the one who convinced the Yang family.



The gentle breeze blew from the window, but the sweat on Chang Yuan’s forehead was still dripping.

And down below at the entrance of the hotel, a group of people suddenly appeared, they were Tian Hao and others.

Chang Yuan’s heart twitched.

Under his nervous gaze, he saw that after Tian Hao and the others walked out of the hotel, without a word, they went straight to the parking lot.


When they reached the parking lot, they walked at Shaun’s front.

Huh huh!

They all bowed to Shaun.

“Tian Hao sees Mr. Lin!”

“Qiu Jie sees Mr. Lin!”

At this moment, each of them flushed with excitement.

Because only they know.

Shaun is the true king of the global racing industry-KING!

It’s not just Tian Hao and others.

There was another person who rushed up from behind, and then knelt on the ground behind Shaun with a bang.

“Yang Mingpeng, sees Shan Lin!”

“I deserved to die, I have offended Shan Lin, Master Shan Lin, please give me a chance to atone for my sins!”


Yang Mingpeng was on the ground, banging his head with the ground.

This scene is too shocking.

Tian Hao, Qiu Jie, Yang Mingpeng, and other people are all the top second-generation masters in the entire Jiangnan.

But now, they are bowing to Shaun.

This scene fell in the eyes of Chang Yuan from the window on the tenth floor.

Chang Yuan felt as if he has been hit by a thunderstorm!


Chang Yuan’s body trembled and he fell to the ground.

His complexion was as pale as paper.

Although he could not hear, the people below were saying something to Shaun.

“Gosh! It must be him, it must be him!”

Chang Yuan trembled as if sifting chaff, and there was boundless fear in his eyes.

Now he is 100% convinced.

Shaun was the one who made the Yang Family kneel to apologize, and give away their main asset!

“What is his identity?”

“Oh my God, I wanted to take away Elvira from such a terrible figure! I’m such a fool!”

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