Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1016

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Chapter 1016

“Yeah, it’s so boring to drink alone! Let’s accompany with us, don’t worry, you can drink whatever you like, it is on us!”

These young guys looked like punks.

They looked at the hot figure of that girl, and they flushed as if hungry wolves were staring at the little white rabbits, full of greed.

Just hearing this.

That girt didn’t even have the interest to look at them, and said lightly:

“Inviting me to drink? Do you know what kind of wine I am drinking?”

While talking.

She poured white fireworks in glass from the shaker again.


The gangsters got amazed, and they said directly:

“Girl, aren’t all wines used for drinking? Don’t worry about that!”

“Yeah, the drinks are neither good nor bad, and so are people! I think you are so beautiful. This drink must be the same as yours, and strong!”


The ridicule of a few smirks was extremely evil.


At this time.

A cold color flushed on the face of that girl, and she said coldly:

“I don’t even know what kind of wine this is!”



Hearing this, all gangsters suddenly laughed stiffly. They didn’t expect that this hot girl’s character was so violent.

“Beauty, don’t be angry! Everyone is out to play, and happiness is the most important thing!”

One of the gangsters said, stretched out his arm, wanting to hug the girl.


His arm has not yet touched that girl.


A crisp and loud slap slapped him on his face.

“Little… girl, you, how you dared to hit me?”

He felt hot on his face and suddenly became angry.

“It seems that you want us to attack you! Good! I am going to kill you today!”

With a wave of his palm, he was about to slap her on the cheek.

However, just when the girl was about to react.


She was stunned to discover that the palm raised high by the bastard did not fall, but was grabbed by a huge palm.


At this moment, not only she was stunned, even all the gangsters got stunned.

They turned their heads and looked behind them, a thin youth has appeared don’t know when.

He grabbed the bastard’s palm and said with a smile:

“Brothers, don’t be so impulsive!”

“Beauty, it’s for appreciation, not for venting!”


Hearing this, these gangsters got amazed, they did not expect that someone would dare to come out to stop them.

Especially, it’s just one person.

“Boy, who are you, let my hand off!”

That bastard had a fierce look on his face. He immediately took his palm out of Shaun’s hand, but he was surprised to find that Shaun’s palm was like a pair of iron tongs.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t shake the slightest.

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