Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1039

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Chapter 1039


Ye Chen’s words were domineering and arrogant, and his tone was even more threatening.

Just after his words fell.

The door of the box opened in an instant, and then many bodyguards in black rushed in.

There were as many as ten people, fierce and evil, with cold eyes fixed on Chang Yuan.

It seemed that as long as Ye Chen says a word, they would pounce on him, tearing Chang Yuan in half.

“Ye Chen…”

Seeing this scene, Chang Yuan got frightened and his face turned white, and the cold sweat raged from his forehead.

“Chang Yuan, you have only two choices now. One, let my bodyguard beat you up for life and throw you out! Second…”

Ye Chen said and immediately took out a pink pill from his pocket. Smiled sullenly:

“When Elvira comes, put this pill into her wine glass!”


Chang Yuan looked at this pink pill, even though he was stupid, he knew what it was.

Once Elvira drinks the drink mixed with this pill, it would be difficult for her to escape Ye Chen’s claws tonight.

For a moment!

Chang Yuan’s expression suddenly hesitated.

“Brother Chang Yuan, don’t worry, as long as you help me get Elvira tonight! From then on, you will be my brother! I promise you can walk sideways in Jiangnan!”

Ye Chen vowed. Chang Yuan’s heart became hot instantly.


This one in front is the Ye Family Master!

If he gave Elvira, then it would be equivalent to climbing Ye Chen’s high branches. When that happens, his group will be even higher, and his status will instantly rise.

Thinking for a moment.

Chang Yuan gritted his teeth and decided in his heart. He nodded and said:

“Okay! Ye Chen, I’ll help you!”


Hearing this, Ye Chen was overjoyed. He patted Chang Yuan on the shoulder and said with a smile :

“That’s right, Brother Chang Yuan, you will follow me in the future, and I promise you will not be ashamed! Hahaha… to cheers!”

Right now, Ye Chen waved his hand and let all his bodyguards leave.

At the back end, he raised his glass and drank with Chang Yuan.

At the moment often far heart in the blood, his face was extremely complex:

“!I also do not blame myself for our future, do not worry, after today, even if you and Shaun divorce, I will marry you!”

That’s it.

A ruthless look flushed in Chang Yuan’s eyes, and then he drank the drink in his glass.

A quarter of an hour later.

When the box door knocked again, Elvira walked in.

“Hahaha… Elvira, you are finally here, Ye Chen and I have been waiting for you for a long time!” Seeing Elvira, Chang Yuan felt complicated, but his face showed a thick enthusiastic smile.

And he said:

“Elvira, let me introduce to you, this is the famous Ye Family’s, Ye Chen!”

Hearing this!

Elvira looked at Ye Chen.

However, after she noticed that Ye Chen looked at her fiery and naked eyes, she frowned and suddenly felt an uncomfortable feeling in her heart.

However, a stiff smile appeared on her pretty face and she said, “Ye Chen, it’s nice to meet you! I’m here this time for my husband Shaun, and I want to ask you!”


Hearing this name, Ye Chen showed a playful arc at the corner of his mouth, nodded, and said:

“Hahaha…Miss Elvira, easy to talk! Good to talk!”

“As I have heard that Miss Elvira is beautiful and moving. I saw it today, sure enough. Extraordinary!”

After saying this.

Ye Chen only felt his heart beating wildly.

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