Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1040

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Chapter 1040

He likes intellectual beauties.

And Elvira in front of him was almost like the most perfect goddess in his mind. The glamorous temperament, the glamorous face, and the enchanting figure all seemed to be a stimulant, making Ye Chen extremely excited.

“Come! Miss Elvira, please sit down!”

Looking at Elvira, Ye Chen only felt that every cell in his body was jumping excitedly.

He waved his hand, and immediately the two women with heavy make-up left the room unwillingly.

When the three sat down.

Chang Yuan hurriedly helped Elvira get a wine glass and poured the drink:

“Elvira, if you want Ye Chen to help you save Shaun, you can find yourself three glasses to show sincerity!”

Chang Yuan said with a smile. , But it made Elvira’s face slightly changed.

She can drink a little alcohol!

But the amount of alcohol must be limited, and there is a penalty of three shots. She is afraid that it will be too much.

However, looking at Ye Chen and Chang Yuan’s expectant eyes, and then thinking about the situation of her husband Shaun, Elvira could only grit her teeth, picked up the wine glass, and said:

“Ye Chen, I respect you first! Hope you can save my husband Shaun!”

“I will do it!”

That’s it!

Elvira drank all the wine in her hand.

Seeing this scene!

Ye Chen and Chang Yuan glance at each other, and there was a lot of joy in their eyes.

“Okay! Miss Elvira is refreshing, come! Second cup!”

Ye Chen helped Elvira pour the wine in person.

At this moment, Elvira, with a cup of wine, had a hint of wine red on her pretty face, but she could only bite the bullet and drank the second and third cups one after another!

When she drank the three cups.

Elvira suddenly felt hot on her face.

However, she shook her head, looked at Ye Chen expectantly, and asked:

“Ye Chen, what about saving my husband Shaun, look at…”


It’s Shaun again!

When Elvira said the name of Shaun since entering the door, Ye Chen’s eyes suddenly flashed with a thick glow of jealousy.

He couldn’t understand at all, how could such a goddess Elvira worry so much about waste.

Not only him!

Chang Yuan next to him was even more jealous and mad.

He couldn’t think of it.

He has shown Elvira the photos of Shaun coming out of a hotel with another woman, and this stupid woman still doesn’t regret Shaun’s infatuation. This is damned.

“Shaun! Hmph, soon your woman will be in Ye Chen’s bed!”

“After this incident, you will get divorced, and you will be ashamed forever! At that time, I will become Elvira’s man! I am a man who is qualified for Elvira!”

Chang Yuan screamed, but the smile on his face became stronger.

“Elvira! Don’t worry, Ye Chen has promised just now that he will definitely help Shaun!”


Chang Yuan’s words made Elvira’s beautiful eyes suddenly light up.

She looked at Ye Chen excitedly, and asked in a trembling voice:

“Ye Chen, is this… is this true? Are you willing to help my husband Shaun?”

Seeing Elvira’s excited look, Ye Chen felt jealous and his eyes became richer but nodded with a smile.


Seeing Ye Chen agreed, Elvira suddenly felt like a big rock in her heart, finally letting go!

This made her extremely happy.

But she didn’t see it.

At this time.

Chang Yuan secretly put the pink pill into her wine glass.

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