Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1044

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Chapter 1044

Ye Chen’s words were extremely evil.

When fell in Chang Yuan’s ears, it gave Chang Yuan’s heart a long sigh of relief.

That’s right!

This is the Crown Club, Ye Chen’s area, even if Shaun is a beast, he can’t beat so many bodyguards.

Even Ye Chen will beat Shaun to death and there is nothing to worry about.

Thinking of this.

The tension on Chang Yuan’s face disappeared without a trace, replaced by a thick evil smile.

“Elvira, did you hear that? Hahaha… If your husband comes, then he will die!”

“I advise you, so obediently follow Ye Chen!”

Chang Yuan still intends to persuade Elvira.

However, Elvira inside did not respond at all.

This scene made Ye Chen’s complexion flash a cruel look:

“Chang Yuan, kick the door!”

“Yeah! Ye Chen!” Chang Yuan nodded, and immediately kicked on the door.

It’s just that this door is extremely strong, even if Chang Yuan exhausted his strength, it just made the door sway slightly.




Chang Yuan kicked on the door of the washroom, he and Ye Chen looked like evil and ferocious hungry wolves, ready to break into the door and devour Elvira.

At the same time!

Elvira sits on the edge of the door, pressing her back against the door.

Her mind has gradually blurred, a pretty face, flushed like blood, suffering the torment of that medicine.

However, she bit her teeth to keep herself awake:

“Shaun! Shaun!”

Elvira kept calling Shaun’s name softly.

It seems that at this moment, in the whole world, only this name can give her strength.

“Shaun, even if I am dead! I will be your woman, just your woman!”

“No one can ruin me, I would rather die!”

In Elvira’s misty eyes, there was a kind of deep sadness and determination.

She has already planned.

If she couldn’t wait for Shaun, she would use the eyebrow trimmer in her bag to cut her blood veins!

And at the same time!

On the congested road, cars are constantly beeping, seeming to be constantly urging.

Among them, there is a police car.

Three policemen were sitting in it, two men and one woman.

If Shaun were here, he would suddenly find that the police flower in uniform was Sima Yan’er who had spent the night with him.

The tight uniform wrapped Sima Yan’er’s perfect hot figure tightly.

It made her look like a strange temptation.

However, in her expression, there was a deep confusion.

Looking at the scenery outside the car window, she couldn’t return to her senses for a long time, as if she was thinking about something.

And seeing this scene!

The two male police officers in front shook their heads.

“What’s the matter with you captain? We have never seen you like this before. We are the No. 1 policeman in Jiangnan, so utterly disheartened!”

“Yes, It feels that the captain seems to be in love? It’s like a broken love again?”

“Come on! The man our captain abolished can form a strengthening company. Although countless people admire her, who dares to plant this thorny rose!”


The two male policemen talk to each other.

They were extremely puzzled by Sima Yan’er’s insufficiency.

But at this moment!


A black shadow like a lightning flush past their police car and they got shocked.

“That dark shadow seems to be… that person?”

Sima Yan’er trembled again.

She couldn’t wait, and shouted to the two male policemen:

“Drive! Quick, catch up with the dark figure ahead! You must catch him!!!”

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