Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1049

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Chapter 1049

And now!

One after another, they looked at the wall.

They saw that it turned out to be a stone that knocked down Elvira’s eyebrow trimming knife.

Especially, the strength of this stone was just right, and it didn’t hurt Elvira a bit.

After knocking down the eyebrow trimming knife, it seemed to be embedded in the wall like a bullet.


This scene not only stunned Elvira, but even Ye Chen and Chang Yuan were also shocked to see this.

They couldn’t think that someone was so powerful, not only saved Elvira but even shot a stone into the wall.

This hand is so powerful and precise that it has reached an incredible level.

Huh huh!

At this moment, the three people in the room quickly turned their eyes to look at the door of the box room.

They saw that outside the empty door, a figure has appeared unexpectedly.

This is…


After seeing Shaun, Elvira seemed to be collapsed and completely sat on the ground.

Tears dripped from her beautiful eyes, but there was a thick happy smile on her face.

He is here.

This man, every time like a god, appears by her side when she falls in danger.

And beside!

The moment Chang Yuan saw Shaun, he felt his body trembled fiercely, and a hint of fear and ominous premonition filled his heart in an instant.

Ye Chen heard Shaun’s name. His pupils shrank in the same way.

In the eyes, there was a thick unbelievable color:

“Impossible! Little boy, how did you come up? All my bodyguards are outside, how they couldn’t stop you!”

“Tell me?”

In Ye Chen’s voice, there was a sense of horror and astonishment.

Not only that!

What made Chang Yuan and Ye Chen more frightened was the look in Shaun’s eyes.

Blood red!

The extremely cold eyes are like a bloodthirsty beast that has reached the edge of rage, with a tingling sensation on the scalp.

“You…damn it!”

Shaun’s voice resounded.

This voice, as if from hell, revealed a strong evil spirit.

The words fall!


Shaun’s figure suddenly disappeared.

“Ye Chen, get out of the way!”

Chang Yuan’s expression changed drastically, and he wanted to dodge crazily to the side.

just. He just moved, but he was shocked to find that Shaun had already appeared in front of him.

Especially, his whip kick suddenly swept out.

It was as if a meteorite crashed down, kicking hard on Chang Yuan’s legs.



Chang Yuan was horrified to see that his legs, under Shaun’s whip legs, turned out to be like rotten wood, instantly deformed and broken apart.

His lower limbs were gone, and his whole body was standing unstable on the ground.


“My legs! Shaun, you…you kicked my legs! No…”

There was a deep look of horror in Chang Yuan’s eyes.

His legs were completely broken at this moment, especially the broken bone spurs, which pierced his leg skin and trousers for life, revealing.

The bone spurs were white, with scattered blood and minced meat hanging on them, which made the scalp numb.

Not only that.

The intense pain that seemed like a tide-swept through Chang Yuan’s nerves instantly, making his face pale as paper and his mouth continued to emit horrible howls like killing pigs.

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