Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1055

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Chapter 1055

Ye Chen threatened madly at this moment.

In his opinion, only by dragging Ye’s family in this matter could Shaun stop.

Shaun seemed to have not cared, he had already reached Ye Chen’s side.

Condescendingly, looking down at him, as if looking down at an ant crawler.

Shaun’s palm gradually stretched towards Ye Chen’s head.

“No, don’t……”

Ye Chen was completely scared and paralyzed. In his opinion, Shaun stretched out the palm on his head like the hand of death, making him desperate and tremble:

“Don’t kill me, I beg you!!!”

A line of horror sounded from Ye Chen’s mouth.

Just at this moment.

Shaun’s palm almost touched his head.


There was another sound of footsteps, followed by a furious shout:



Hearing this Shaun paused his hand. He turned around and found that the people who rushed in were three police officers and a lobby manager.

After seeing the policewoman in the lead, Shaun narrowed his eyes:

“It’s you?”

He was a little surprised and never thought that this woman would appear here.

“Police officer, save me! This person is going to kill me!”

When Ye Chen saw the three policemen appear, he was in ecstasy instantly and called for help.

And this sentence changed the expressions of Sima Yarner and her companions.

“Don’t move, raise your hand, hurry!”

The police didn’t have time to think about it, and quickly took out their guns. They aimed their guns at Shaun’s head.


This scene changed the complexion of Ye Tian and others in the box.

Ye Tian was afraid that Shaun would be in danger.

After all, Shaun’s identity is a sacred hand of bones, and he has saved countless international giants and chaebols.

If Shaun suffers an accident, once those international giants learn that it is not only the misfortune of Sima Yarner and others but also the entire Jiangnan will endure the terrible anger.

Thinking of this!

Ye Tian’s face turned pale.

And at the other side.

Ye Chen and Chang Yuan were ecstatic to the extreme when they saw that the police guns were aimed at Shaun’s head.

“Hahaha…Shaun, aren’t you awesome? Are you arrogant? Still, threatening to kill me?

“Ye Chen’s panic and despair disappeared, but a thick sarcasm appeared on his face:

“Why? Afraid? Let me go! Otherwise, you are going to be dead, then your wife, your family, hehe…”

Ye Chen laughed strangely evil at this moment.

He already had full confidence in his heart, Shaun didn’t dare to do anything to him, otherwise, he might die, but Shaun also didn’t want to live.

Not only him!

Chang Yuan beside him was also ferocious:

“Hahaha, Shaun, I advise you to let Ye Chen go! Otherwise, Elvira will be a widow! Tsk tsk”

At this moment!

The two sang a harmony, constantly stimulating Shaun.

Seeing this scene.

Ye Tian’s heart became complicated, he looked at his brother, as if looking at an idiot:

“Sure enough… death is not a pity!”

Ye Tian shook his head as if he had predicted Ye Chen’s miserable end.

And at this moment.

A sorrowful and playful voice came to Ye Chen’s ears:

“Since you want to die, then I must fulfill your wish!”

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