Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1059

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Chapter 1059

“Hahaha… good! Great! What a ruthless person Ye Tian is! I didn’t expect that he would even don’t care about his brother for the sake of an outsider!”

“If the family came to know about this matter, then heir’s position will definitely be revoked!”

Ye Ming’s heart was extremely excited.

He never thought that Ye Tian would make such a big mistake.

Join others to harm your own family!

This is definitely an unforgivable sin in the Ye Family!

Hearing Ye Ming’s excited voice, Chang Yuan’s heart became overjoyed, and then hurriedly said to Ye Ming:

“Master Ye Ming you are right! That Ye Tian is not qualified to be the heir of the Ye Family. He is even afraid of trash. How can such a person be qualified to lead the Ye Family!”

Chang Yuan’s eyes gurgled and said;

“I think only you, can lead the Ye Family to glory!”

“If this time you killed Shaun, the murderer of Ye Chen, in the guard station, and then return to Ye’s house to complain about the incident then you will be a hero in Ye family! Then you will be the true heir of Ye Family!”


Chang Yuan’s words brightened Ye Ming’s eyes on the other end of the phone.

That’s right!

If I just report Ye Tian’s crimes, then I didn’t have the slightest credit for it. Instead, I might end up being jealous of Ye Tian’s name.

However, if I send the head of the murderer Shaun and Ye Tian’s crimes back to the family together.

Then the elders of our clan must think that I’m the only person to be eligible to lead the Ye Family.

Thinking of this!

The smile on Ye Ming’s mouth grew richer, and said excitedly to Chang Yuan:

“Good! Chang Yuan, you had done well!”

“Don’t worry, this time I will let that little beast, Shaun, die in the guard station! Once I become the heir of the Ye family, I will give you a big credit!”


For Chang Yuan, these words of Ye Ming almost made him cry of joy.


If it would happen exactly what Ye Ming said, then not only would I kill Shaun, Ye Ming could even bring down Ye Tian and become the next Ye Family heir.

When the phone hanged up!

Chang Yuan’s gaze couldn’t help looking in the direction of the guard station, a trace of sinisterness appeared at the corner of his mouth:

“Hey! Shaun, you can’t think of it, even if you have some abilities, I can still kill you in the guard station!”

“Wait, as long as you die, your wife Elvira, I will take care of you!”

The vicious smile at the corner of Chang Yuan’s mouth became stronger.

Not only him!

At the same time!

Ye Ming also pressed a number.

Soon, when his phone got connected, a wretched voice of a middle-aged man suddenly came from inside:

“Hello! Master Ye Ming, why did you take the initiative to call me? Do you have any instructions?”

There was a hint of surprise in the middle-aged man’s voice.

And hearing this.

Ye Ming curled the corner of his mouth and said faintly:

“Captain Wei, I have a business to hand over to you now!”

“Ten million, kill Shaun!”

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