Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1066

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Chapter 1066

Wei Fengqiang’s eyelids jumped wildly.

He felt that he has made some terrible mistake.


Thinking of the ten million yuans, the panic that had just emerged in Wei Fengqiang’s heart disappeared in an instant, replaced by thick brutality and madness:

“Huh! Why are you panicking! Who cares about this kid?”

“This is the guard station. In our territory, no one can be more powerful than us!”


Wei Fengqiang said to the two police officers in front:

“You go get the baton, I don’t believe it, this kid is really hard to beat!”

“Yes! Captain!”

Upon hearing the order, the two police officers immediately walked to the cabinet of the interrogation room and took out two police batons from inside!

Da da da!

The two police officers, holding truncheons, walked toward Shaun aggressively.

With every step, the ferocious aura of both of them was skyrocketing.

Looking at Shaun, it was like looking at a little sheep being stared at by a hungry wolf.

“Hit! You two beat him fiercely! I don’t believe it, this kid’s abdomen is really so tough!” Hong Qiang held his deformed arm at the moment and shouted to the two police officers.

And hearing this.

The two police officers suddenly grinned and nodded in response:

“Brother Hong, don’t worry, he has hurt you, we will make him pay it back!”

“Yes! Brother Hong, just wait! We will definitely turn this kid into an overnight meal!”

While talking.

These two police officers had already walked in front of Shaun.

Both of them looked at Shaun with deep pity and complexity.

Naturally, they can see that Shaun was absolutely extraordinary, but no matter how extraordinary, he was just a murderer who entered the guard station, so he could only carry it out.

“Boy, don’t blame us!”

A police officer murmured, and immediately, together they waved their batons and smashed them at Shaun.

Just at this moment!


Shaun’s head suddenly lifted, and he looked straight at both of them.

When Shaun’s eyes fell.


The two police officers’ bodies tremble involuntarily, and a cold horror instantly filled their hearts.

This feeling comes when some terrifying and mysterious creature stares at you.

The batons that they have raised could not fall.

They both got horrified to the extreme.


When they saw that the two police officers who have raised batons, were completely stiff.

Wei Fengqiang and the others frowned.

“What are you two doing? Why are you not smashing this bastard? What’s happening, I will take care of it! Give it to me!”

Wei Fengqiang urged the two police officers.

Just hearing this.

A wry smile appeared at the corners of the two police officers’ mouths.

“Captain, I dare not!”


Dare not?

Listening to the police officer’s words, looking at their stiff bodies, whether it is Wei Fengqiang or the other police officer around, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

What happened?

The Shupuppets around did not understand what happened.

They just saw that the batons raised by the two police officers couldn’t fall for a long time, and even their faces were as pale as paper, and the cold sweat on their foreheads dripped crazily.

As if they were experiencing something terrible.

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