Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1067

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Chapter 1067

“A**holes! What the hell is going on?”

Wei Fengqiang was so angry that he couldn’t think of it.

It’s incredible to be frustrated continuously.

“Rubbish! Get out of here, I will do it myself.”

Wei Fengqiang stepped forward, grabbed the baton from a police officer, and kicked the police officer to the ground.


He was holding a baton in his hand, and now his eyes fixed on Shaun:

“Boy, I don’t know what’s weird about you, but none of the people I deal with can be intact!”

“So, just accept your fate!”

Wei Fengqiang said.

He gave a gloomy smile, and then instantly raised the baton in his hand, trying to smash it down at Shaun.

And seeing this scene.

Shaun’s eyes grew colder, but the corners of his mouth showed a sharp curve.

“If you hit me, you will die!”

Shaun’s words seemed to come from hell, causing Wei Fengqiang, who has just raised his baton.


Wei Fengqiang was taken aback for a moment. He looked at Shaun as if he were looking at an idiot.

If you drop it, you will die?

What a joke!

This kid is locked with alloy chains, his hands and feet are trapped, can he still break free of the chains?

To know!

Wei Fengqiang understood that, let alone the thin Shaun in front of him, even if it was a grandmaster, he couldn’t dare to break it.

Thinking of this.

Wei Fengqiang smiled coldly, and said cruelly:

“Okay! Boy, you are arrogant! But I just want to see, what can you do to make me die!”

That’s it!

Wei Fengqiang raised the baton, facing Shaun’s head, and wanted to slam it down.

But at this moment.

A series of rapid knocks stopped Wei Fengqiang’s movements again.


A trace of anger surged in Wei Fengqiang’s heart.

He was interrupted for the third time, which made him frustrated.

“Which bastard is knocking on the door? Are you looking for death?”

Wei Fengqiang shouted loudly towards the door.

The tone was filled with deep dissatisfaction.

Just after hearing his words.

A horrified voice suddenly spread outside the door:

“Captain, no… it’s bad news! Our guard has been besieged!”

“Yes, Captain, come out and have a look! We seem to have stabbed a big basket this time!”


A sound of panic, one after another, fell in the ears of everyone in the room, and it made them all stunned.

Is the guard station surrounded by people?

This… how is this so possible!

Who is so courageous, dare to besiege the guard station, isn’t this similar to looking for death?

Wei Fengqiang’s heartbeat fiercely, a trace of ominous premonition filled his heart, facing the door, and continued to ask:

“Who is so daring to besiege us?”

“Are you a bunch of rubbish? Wouldn’t you go out and catch all those people in for me?”

In Wei Fengqiang’s voice, there was anger.

And the other police officers looked at each other one by one.

Obviously, it is impossible to imagine who on earth would dare to do such crazy things.

When the police officer’s words outside fell in everyones’ ears, they could hardly believe it.

“Captain, those people can’t be caught! Because the two headings them are the gods of war!”

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