Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1071

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Chapter 1071

The sound is loud!

When it fell in the ears of Wei Fengqiang and everyone around him, it made them all bewildered.

Shan Lin?

Wei Fengqiang and the others, their eyelids jumped wildly, they didn’t understand, who were the Gods of War and the ten thousand soldiers saying this to?

Where is Shan Lin?

Which is Shan Lin?

They couldn’t help looking around, they swept around their side, until the end, everyone was shocked to discover.

There was only one figure in the direction in which the War Gods and ten thousand sergeants bowed!

That is the murderer Shaun!

When they found this.

All the sounds in the entire guard station disappeared.


One after another, they looked at Shaun as if they have seen a ghost.

Da da da!

The sound of Shaun’s footsteps fell in the ears of everyone, like a series of thunders, making their hearts beating wildly.

He is Shan Lin?

Impossible, how is this possible?

Whether it was Wei Fengqiang or all the police officers around, they were screaming in their hearts at this moment.

They can’t believe it!

Can’t believe it at all!

This murderer is the highest seat holder in China!



Wei Fengqiang’s body began to tremble gradually, and his face was instant as white as paper.


Shan Lin!

At this moment, Wei Fengqiang thinks of the scene in the interrogation room.

When Hong Qiang punched Shaun’s abdomen his arm was shaken.

Shaun’s abdomen, with eight packs of muscles, was terrifying, and scars on his body were signs of something extraordinary.

And also!

The two police officers couldn’t him at all because of the pressure from Shaun.

This scene, like a movie clip, kept flickering in Wei Fengqiang’s mind.

It also made his body tremble more and more as if sifting chaff.



The cold sweat on his forehead dripped to the ground.



This moment filled Wei Fengqiang’s heart, causing his legs to soften, and with a puff, he fell to the ground.

“No…impossible! The person I was intending to kill is the Huaxia Linzuo?”

“How is it possible! Ye Ming, you bastard!”

Wei Fengqiang’s heart was screaming with desperation.

Hong Qiang and the other two police officers couldn’t believe it. After seeing Shaun walking towards the Dragon and Tiger, they felt that their eyes were dark, and they were scared to death.



Shaun has reached the door.

Suddenly all the police officers saw, whether it was the Dragon, Tiger, or the ten thousand sergeants as if the herd had seen their true king, everyone’s head was lower.

Shaun, as if they all believed in.

The scene was shocking.

Shaun didn’t care about this scene. When he came to the door, his eyes suddenly changed, and he looked at Wei Fengqiang.


When Shaun’s gaze fell in Wei Fengqiang’s eyes, it made his scalp burst Suddenly!

Without a word, he stood up and knelt under Shaun’s feet suddenly, like a pig, apologize:

“Lin…Shan Lin! I didn’t know you were the Shan Lin, I ran into you, I damn it! Please Shan Lin forgive me! Shan Lin my life!”

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