Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1072

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Chapter 1072

That’s it!

Wei Fengqiang kept knocking his head against the ground.

His apologizing method was extremely violent. Every time his head fell, it hit the ground fiercely, causing blood to drip from his forehead.

Wei Fengqiang didn’t care about this injury at all.

He was panicked, like a bereaved dog.

And seeing this scene.

The coldness in Shaun’s eyes became more intense:

“Let’s talk! Who directed you?”

Hearing these words, Wei Fengqiang apologized, his fat body stiffened severely.

He raised his head, a trace of bitterness appeared in the corner of his mouth, and he said:

“Lin… Shan Lin, the person who instigated me is the Ye’s Family’s, Ye Ming!”

Wei Fengqiang is not stupid.

He can see that Shaun had seen through everything a long time ago, and the reason for asking him was just to prove it.

At the moment he was going to deal with Shaun.

His ending is doomed.

The same is true for Ye Ming’s ending.

“Ye Ming?”

Shaun shook his head indifferently when he heard this strange name.

This kind of ant crawler is looking for death!

Thinking of this.

Shaun continued to stare at Wei Fengqiang, and said playfully:

“If I’m not wrong, he directed you to kill me!”


Hearing this, the audience was in an uproar.

The police officers stared at Wei Fengqiang one by one, with a deep look of horror in their eyes.

Among them, those who followed Wei Fengqiang into the interrogation room were even more frightened, their faces were pale as paper.

They were called to the interrogation room by Wei Fengqiang before, only telling them that he wants to teach Shaun a lesson, that’s all.

But they couldn’t even dream of it.

Wei Fengqiang’s true intention was to kill Shaun?

This is crazy.

Thick bitterness and despair filled Wei Fengqiang’s heart. After feeling the horror in Shaun’s eyes, he could only bite the bullet and nodded:

“Yes…Yes! Ye Ming told me to kill you for ten million yuan!”

When Shaun heard this, the smile at the corner of his mouth became more agitated.

At the moment, he was too lazy to take a look at Wei Fengqiang and walked straight to the military vehicle with the Gods of War and the Ten Thousand Soldiers.


Seeing this scene, Wei Fengqiang was slightly taken aback.

Did he forgive me?

He never thought that Shaun would let him go.


A trace of ecstasy began to fill Wei Fengqiang’s heart, which made his face flushed with excitement.

At the moment, he wanted to stand up from the ground.

But at this moment.

A cold voice came from the front.

“This guy had bad intentions for Shan Lin, kill him!!!”

The words were extremely cold.

As this sentence came, huh, a cold light flashed suddenly.


With a dull sound, the excited smile on Wei Fengqiang’s face instantly solidified.

His head slowly flew down from his neck.


Fell under the feet of many police officers.

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