Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1076

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Chapter 1076


Hearing this, Ye Tian’s complexion was completely ashamed.

Ye Ming, who was next to him, almost jumped up excitedly.

“Thank you Patriarch for completion!”

“Patriarch and elders, please rest assured, within half an hour, Wei Fengqiang will send Shaun’s head to our Ye’s Family!”

With these words of Ye Ming, Patriarch Ye Wuya nodded in satisfaction, and the rest of the people were even more ecstatic.

“Hahaha… Ye Ming, congratulations! You will be the helm of our Ye’s Family in the future!”

“Yeah, Ye Ming is awesome, unlike some people, he is afraid of a soil bun!”


The surrounding Ye’s Family leaders and children congratulated Ye Ming again and again.

And seeing this scene.

Ye Ming’s heart was extremely ecstatic.

“Buying the head of that son-in-law for ten million allowed him to completely conquer the Ye’s Family. It was a good bargain! Hahaha…”

Ye Ming muttered excitedly.

But in the face of everyone’s congratulations, he was humble.


This scene fell in Ye Tian’s eyes, and it suddenly made him feel as if he had been drained of all his strength and fell to the ground.

“It’s over! Our Ye’s Family’s disaster is imminent!!!”

Ye Tian screamed at everyone like mad.

And hearing this, the Ye’s Family members around were slightly taken aback.

A catastrophe is imminent?

What an idiot.

Many Ye’s Family members looked at Ye Tian as if they were looking at a fool.

And at this moment!

Jingle Bell!

A cell phone rang from Ye Ming’s body. He took out his cell phone and took a look, then said to Ye Tian sarcastically:

“Hahaha… did Ye Tian see it? It is from the police station. Presumably, Shaun you were afraid of has fallen to the ground now!”

Ye Ming’s words made everyone around him extremely excited.

Everyone saw that when Ye Ming answered the phone.


The thick smile on his face froze for an instant, and then his eyes went wide as if he had heard some terrible news, and he was completely dumbfounded.

“Dead? Are you sure?”

Ye Ming’s face was as white as paper.

Especially after getting a certain message from the person on the phone.


His legs were weak, and he fell to the ground.


Ye Ming’s reaction caused Patriarch Ye Wuya and the hearts of all the Ye’s Family members around to chuckle, and hurriedly asked Ye Ming one by one:

“Ye Ming, what happened? Is he dead?”

“Yeah, Brother Ye Ming, is that Shaun dead?”


One after another, they stared at Ye Ming, their eyes full of anxiety.

Just after hearing these words.

Ye Ming looked at everyone and said in horror:

“I just got the news that it’s not that Shaun is dead, but the captain Wei Fengqiang whom I ordered to kill Shaun is dead!”


Ye Ming’s words shocked everyone in the main hall.

The person whom they want to kill is alive.

The person whom they had directed to kill is dead.

This made everyone feel something wrong.

At the moment, a trace of ominous premonition appeared in their hearts, and they continued to ask Ye Ming:

“Ye Ming, who is so bold to kill Captain Wei Fengqiang?”

“Yeah! Don’t you say that is Shaun? He is a superfluous son-in-law, it is impossible for him to be so bold!”


At this moment, all the Ye’s Family members felt their hearts, pounding and beating wildly.

And hearing this.

Ye Ming’s mouth twitched, only to feel his scalp tingling:

“It’s not Shaun, it’s Gods of War!”

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