Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1086

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Chapter 1086


Hearing this, it seemed that the miserable destiny pronounced on Chang Yuan, causing his body to tremble fiercely, and he almost fainted with fright.

Company bankrupt!

The family will be ruined!

When Chang Yuan thought of these words, a deep panic instantly filled his heart.

He believed that Ye’s Family would do what they had said, and Chang Yuan seemed to have seen his future miserable.

“Mr. Lin, Miss Elvira!”

“To apologize, our Ye’s Family will give one-half of our property to Miss Elvira free of charge from today to make up for Miss Elvira’s loss!”


Ye Wuya waved his hand, and suddenly a lawyer came forward with a contract.

“This is a transfer contract! We will handle everything for you!”


Hearing Ye Wuya’s words, everyone in the room trembled fiercely again.

One-half of the industry?

You know this is Ye’s Family of the four hidden world giants, and their industry is huge!

And if you take out one-half, you are at least a billionaire.

That’s it, given to Elvira for free, just to apologize?

This is absolutely crazy!

Taigong Shen, Jian, and Shen Jie only felt as if they were dreaming.

They couldn’t imagine that before they wanted to give Elvira to Ye’s Family for forgiveness, but within half an hour, Ye’s Family gave their family’s property to Elvira.

This made Taigong Shen and others completely dumbfounded.

“Shen Jie, is this true? Your cousin now owns half of Ye’s Family wealth?”

Taigong Shen clutched his heart, only feeling that he was about to have a heart attack.

And hearing this.

The corners of Shen Jie’s mouth filled with bitterness and complexity:

“Yes! Grandpa, cousin Elvira is now the owner of half of Ye’s Family wealth!”

Hearing this, Taigong Shen rolled his eyes, and he could no longer control his shock, and he fainted.

When a group of Ye’s Family elders hulled and left.


There was a deathly silence in the entire ward.

Everyone looked at the contract in Elvira’s hand, and the look was like seeing a ghost.

“Elvira, is this true?” Baishan pinched his thigh.

When he felt the sharp pain in his thigh, his body trembled and he recovered.

And Elvira!

She held the stack of contracts in her hand, and felt like she had been in a dream:


When she reacted, her eyes stared at Shaun, full of shock and questioning:

“Shaun! Tell me the truth, is it all related to you!”


After hearing this, everyone in the room trembled.

That’s right!

This incident is too weird from beginning to end.

After Shaun was arrested, he was acquitted!

Ye Ming, the young master of Ye’s Family, failed to deal with Shaun but got killed.

And, on the surface, Ye’s Family apologized to Elvira, but everyone saw that whether it was Ye Wuya or other Ye’s Family elders, it seemed more like they were afraid of Shaun?

Huh huh!

Everyone looked at Shaun, they felt a tingling scalp, as if they were looking at a monster.

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