Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1093

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Chapter 1093


Hearing this, Elvira’s pretty face instantly turned ugly.

This Zheng Hao, the spokesperson of their New Bai Group who signed it at a high price, although his attitude is arrogant, Elvira can still tolerate it as long as he is a celebrity.

But if there is a strike, it will have too much influence on The New Bai Group.

Thinking of this.

Elvira turned her head and glared at Shaun:

“I’ll settle the account for you later!”

After speaking, she hurriedly followed the assistant and walked towards the studio hall.

Seeing this scene, Shaun let out a long sigh of relief and wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

If Elvira kept asking about the perfumes and lipsticks, then he is really in disaster…

“It seems that I have to thank that little fresh meat!”

Shaun smiled slightly, now carrying the vegetable basket, followed Elvira and walked towards the shooting hall.

Only when three of them entered the shooting hall.


A vase fell fiercely under their feet and instantly shattered into scum.

What followed was an angry roar:

“What kind of junk company is this? Let me shoot the k!ssing ad, that’s fine, but what ugly thing did you find?”

“Is this ugly female model suitable for a k!ssing scene with me? Call your president, and she will play, and I will shoot! If She will not play, I will strike!”

This voice was filled with rage.

Elvira and Shaun turned their eyes and saw that the entire shooting hall was in chaos.

In the middle of the hall, Zheng Hao was shouting angrily at the shooting crew.

Not only that.

In Zheng Hao’s verbal abuse, the female model wept bitterly and sobbed.

Seeing this scene.

Elvira’s pretty face was extremely blue, and asked in a cold voice:

“What happened?”

Hearing this, all the people in the shooting hall looked at her.

Especially Zheng Hao, when he saw Elvira’s pretty face and that enchanting figure, his eyes suddenly flashed with a thick glow.

“President, this endorsement advertisement is a k!ssing scene! But Mr. Zheng Hao, he is not satisfied with the female model, and he is refusing to shoot!” The assistant hurriedly replied bitterly.

But this sentence made Elvira’s pretty face more difficult to look.

She could tell that the female model was very beautiful, and Zheng Hao was completely messing around.

“Yeah! President, you are finally here!”

After seeing Elvira, Zheng Hao couldn’t help showing a thick joke on his face and walked over slowly.

He kept looking at Elvira, the hot luster on his face could not be concealed:

“President Elvira, it’s not that Zheng Hao is not a professional, but that the female model you found is too ugly!”


Zheng Hao licked his lips and looked at Elvira’s gaze, becoming more greedy:

“However, if President Elvira can come in person and shoot this k!ss scene with me, then I’m ready!”

“How is it?”

No cents?

Zheng Hao’s words changed the expressions of everyone around him, and they realized that this guy was deliberately looking for something, in order to force Elvira, and let President Elvira personally shoot this k!ss scenes. .

This is shameless.

“Mr. Zheng Hao, please respect yourself!”

Elvira’s pretty face was extremely gloomy.


Zheng Hao smiled coldly as if he had eaten Elvira, and then sat next to her, jokingly said:

“Okay! Since President Elvira does not agree to k!ss me, then I strike!”


Seeing Zheng Hao’s nonchalant look at this moment, everyone in the entire shooting hall looked extremely hard to see.

This endorsement advertisement was about to go online, but no one thought that Zheng Hao, who was so famous, would be so unprofessional.

Especially now.

It is too late to make a temporary substitution.

What to do?

Everyone looked at Elvira. In the eyes of everyone, perhaps only Elvira agreed to Zheng Hao’s request should do this scene with him, otherwise, the loss would be too great.

Not only the people but Elvira’s complexion was as ugly as dead gray.

And just when she was very tangled.

A lazy voice came over:

“Why won’t it be me!”

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