Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1094

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Chapter 1094


When this sound resounded, everyone in the entire shooting hall was taken aback.

One after another, they turned to look at the person who said this.

When they saw that the person who spoke was wearing a shabby casual outfit with a basket full of vegetables and fruits in his hand, after being dressed as a family cook.

Everyone got stunned.

Is there any mistake? This woman and man just came back from the vegetable market, right?

Change him?

This…what a joke!

Almost instantly, in the entire shooting hall, the corners of everyone’s mouth twitched, and black lines appeared on everyone’s foreheads, and even Elvira was speechless.


There was a burst of laughter, but Zheng Hao was already laughing loudly.

He pointed to Shaun as if he was watching a joke, laughing:

“President Elvira, why do you have everyone in the New Bai Group? This one, is your sergeant? Hahaha…Look at him, carrying a basket, I’m afraid you are working in the cafeteria!”

Zheng Hao’s words are full of humiliation.

He met Shaun.

When he entered the building just now, the cafeteria man blocked his way and was pushed away by his assistant.

And now, a cafeteria guy still wants to grab his job?

Isn’t this a joke?

It’s just that he just said this sentence.

“Shut up!!!”

Elvira’s anger suddenly resounded.

Zheng Hao was stunned to see that Elvira’s pretty face was full of thick anger, and she looked at his eyes as if she was looking at an idiot.


Zheng Hao was stunned.

Just at this moment.

Elvira’s voice suddenly came:

“He is the chairman of our The New Bai Group! What are you doing? Don’t say hello yet!”


Hearing this, not only Zheng Hao was dumbfounded, but the rest of the filming staff were all dumbfounded.


This guy?

The film crew in the hall had heard that the chairman of the new Bai Group was the husband of President Elvira.

Could it be…

Thinking of this, almost everyone in the shooting hall’s complexion changed drastically, and they all bowed to Shaun:




The voices of greetings, one after another.

And seeing this scene, Zheng Hao only felt like being struck by lightning.

“He… is he my boss?”

How could Zheng Hao dare not believe this fact? Although he looked down on the New Bai Group, he was a chaebol with tens of billions of assets. It was just that he never dreamed that the person in charge of this chaebol was a messenger?

What is this…

For a moment, Zheng Hao only felt a hot pain on his face, as if he was slapped in the face by Shaun.

However, Elvira didn’t care about Zheng Hao’s reaction at the moment. She stared at Shaun with beautiful eyes, her eyes full of helplessness and worry:

“Shaun, you… do you really want to try it?”

Whether it was Elvira or the people around, they didn’t feel that Shaun was suitable for this role.

After all, this advertisement requires too much external image, even if it is Zheng Hao, this little fresh meat is suitable.

It seems to feel everyone’s anxiety.

Shaun smiled slightly:

“Wife, believe me!”

That’s it!

Shaun put down the food basket and followed the staff into the fitting room.

One minute!

ten minutes!

And when fifteen minutes have passed.


After the locker room door opened, a figure walked out.

After seeing the face and dress of this figure, almost everyone’s eyes fell out

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