Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1095

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Chapter 1095


At this moment, in the entire shooting hall, there was no sound, one after another, all eyes fell on Shaun.

Even everyone can hardly believe their eyes.

Shaun took off his shabby casual clothes and put on a black suit.

Jet black hair fell down his forehead, and his dark eyes shone like stars.

With that black suit, he looked like a prince walking out in the dark night.


And noble.

Everyone was completely stunned. They couldn’t connect the current Shaun and the family cook just now, as if they were two people.

“Oh my god, the chairman is so handsome!”

“It’s so temperamental, it’s no wonder that our President Elvira never abandons the chairman. It turns out that this is a treasure!”

“Yeah, so much more handsome than a star, really like a prince!”


The photographers around were amazed one by one.

Especially those female employees, their gazes towards Shaun are full of little stars.

Even Elvira couldn’t help being a little lost.

She even wondered if this person is her husband Shaun.

“Wife, is my image okay?”

Shaun didn’t care about the gazes of everyone around him, walked in front of Elvira, and turned around slightly.


In this scene, Elvira only felt her heart pounding, jumping wildly, and even a trace of blushing climbed onto her pretty face.

At this moment, she was moved to Shaun:

“Very suitable!”

After saying this, Elvira didn’t even dare to look at Shaun for fear that she would lose her attitude in public.

And noticing Elvira’s shy appearance.

Zheng Hao, the little meat on the side, was extremely jealous in his heart.

Even he had to admit that Shaun in suit was definitely more elegant and temperamental than him.

This also made his jealousy and turbulent.

“What about skin? He hasn’t filmed before. What acting skills can he have?”

Zheng Hao said angrily.

Hearing this, the surrounding atmosphere was instantly stiff.

Although Zheng Hao’s words were awkward, everyone around him was also worried about whether Shaun could really succeed in the shooting.

“Shaun, if you can’t, don’t force yourself!”

Elvira also looked at Shaun with worry.

Shaun only smiled when he heard this:

“Wife, not me, it’s us!”


Elvira was taken aback for a moment, but before she could react, Shaun took her hand and walked towards the studio.


Everyone knew that Shaun was going to take Elvira and shoot together.

However, have to say that the two at this moment are a perfect match.

Shaun is dressed in a suit, like a prince.

Elvira has worn OL professional outfit, just like a business queen.

At this moment, under the guidance of the director, Elvira and Shaun began to pose various poses.

Whether it’s modeling or k!ssing scenes.

The shooting was almost completed without even a pause.

Especially the videos and photos were taken.

At the first glance, everyone saw that there was only one word that could describe it and that was-the couple of gods.

In the entire shooting hall, every employee was envious of the extreme, and there was only one person, and his expression was extremely gloomy.

“Damn! How could they shoot better than me!”

Zheng Hao’s complexion was green, he clenched his fists, and the jealousy in his heart was surging:

“Okay! You guys shoot! But after the filming is over, I want to make you not able to broadcast a single endorsement!”

Thinking of this.

Zheng Hao took out his cell phone, found a contact, edited the information, and sent it out.

These people are all leading figures of major TV stations and have a lot to do with Zheng Hao.

He only needs one sentence to make all TV stations reject Elvira and Shaun’s advertising endorsement videos.

Just a short moment!

After contacting everyone, Zheng Hao looked at Elvira and Shaun’s gaze, full of abuse and ferociousness:

“Wait, how happy you smile now, how miserable you will cry soon!”

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