Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1096

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Chapter 1096


When the director’s “click” sounded.

The endorsement video and poster photos announce the complete shooting.

Almost instantly, whether it was the director or every filming staff below, all applauded fiercely. Applause resounded in the shooting hall. Everyone looked at Shaun and Elvira with admiration and worship.

“Elvira the shooting style of you both is so good. This is the first time that I have finished shooting so smoothly!”

“Yeah, there hasn’t been an NG, this is unbelievable! You both are celebrities!”


The director and staff beside heard voices of ecstasy and admiration.

And hearing this.

The smile on Elvira’s mouth is extremely sweet.

She also didn’t expect that she and Shaun would have such a tacit understanding, even with only one look, both of them can cooperate perfectly.


at this time.

Assistant Xiaoxian ran over with a pale face and said to Elvira:

“Madam, something has happened! I just passed our sample shots to several TV stations, but without exception, they were all rejected!”


Hearing this, everyone got stunned.

They couldn’t think of this.

“Xiaoxian, haven’t we talked with those TV stations? Even the advertising deposit is paid, why would they reject us?” Elvira’s pretty face was ugly.

If they don’t agree with the TV station, then the endorsement advertisements they shoot will have no value at all.


“Madam, the replies from these TV stations are the same! They said that you and the chairman are not celebrities and have no reputation, so they refused to cooperate with our advertising!”

“Even the previously negotiated cooperation is invalidated!”


Hearing this, everyone in the shooting hall was blown up.

They worked so hard to complete the filming, but they were rejected by the TV station. This is a waste of their hard work. All of them were frustrated.

Suddenly, the curse in the hall resounded endlessly.

Even Elvira’s face was pale.

The rejection of the cooperation is equivalent to their New Bai Group propaganda, completely scrapped. This is also a serious blow to a new group.

“How could this happen!” Elvira was sweating anxiously.

But at this moment.

Shaun stared directly at Zheng Hao and said:

“You did it!”


Hearing this, the scolding in the hall quieted slightly, and they all looked at Zheng Hao together.



They faintly couldn’t believe that Zheng Hao, a big star, would do such a nasty thing.

“Yes! I did it!”

Zheng Hao didn’t hide the slightest at this moment. He looked at Shaun and Elvira, and the jealousy in his eyes burned to the apex:

“Elvira, let me tell you the truth since you invited me, you must use me!”

“Moreover, you must have shot the k!ss scene with me before I did this!”


Zheng Hao’s words are extremely shameless.

He seemed to have eaten Elvira and the New Bai Group.

“If you don’t make k!ss scenes with me, your commercials will not go online at all!”

“How is it? You beg me! Hahaha…”

Zheng Hao’s face is full of arrogance and madness.

For him, it is clear that cutting off The New Bai Group propaganda channels is equivalent to grabbing Elvira’s lifeline.

He just wanted to blatantly take advantage of Elvira.

He wants to k!ss and touches Elvira in front of Shaun, a soil bun, to vent his jealousy.


Just when Zheng Hao laughed most wildly.

A big hand appeared in front of him like lightning, and then…


After a slap fell, Zheng Hao’s face instantly deformed.

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