Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1097

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Chapter 1097


This slap in the ear was extremely loud, clear, and sweet.

It’s just that everyone got dumbfounded.

At this moment, everyone saw that a bright red palm print appeared on Zheng Hao’s face.

He was completely stunned, and apparently, he didn’t expect that Shaun would slap him directly.

“You…you hit me?”

Zheng Hao looked at Shaun incredulously.

Having been famous in the entertainment industry for so many years, he has long developed an arrogant and domineering style. Only he scolds others, others can’t scold him, only he beats others, others can’t beat him.

But now, Zheng Hao couldn’t even dream of it, and The New Bai Group didn’t need him. This Shaun even dared to him.

When the reaction is over.


Zheng Hao’s face suddenly became savage:

“You’re so special! Little bastard, I’m going to kill you!”

Zheng Hao threw his teeth and claws forward, wanting to fight Shaun.

But something that made him even more unthinkable happened.

Before he was close to Shaun.


It was another loud slap, slapped his face hard.

“Hit you? So What?”


“Something shameless, you are nothing but an actor, nothing more!”


“Let my wife k!ss you, what about your face?”

At this moment, everyone in the entire shooting hall was shocked.

They saw that Zheng Hao was like a spinning top, slapped on his face by Shaun.

His handsome face was already swollen into a pig’s head.

Even from his mouth and nose blood dripping down.

When Shaun slapped Zheng Hao for the last time, he slapped Zheng Hao to the ground.


The whole shooting hall fell into a dead silence.

All the photographers around covered their mouths one by one, immersed in the shock just now, unable to extricate themselves.

Beat the stars!

This is definitely the most shocking thing they have ever seen in their lives.

Especially, after thinking that once this incident broke out, then The New Bai Group would definitely become the target of verbal criticism in China Entertainment Circle, and everyone had a scalp tingling.

That’s it!

Elvira’s pretty face was even paler.

This kind of scandal once got publicized on the Internet, it is tantamount to a thunderstorm, making New Bai Group the target of the entire network.

“Shaun, you are too impulsive!”

Elvira almost cried at this moment.

She had been rejected by the TV station before, and she was devastated, but now Shaun beat Zheng Hao, which is equivalent to stabbing a hornet’s nest, Elvira could not even imagine what would happen.

At this moment, almost all the employees of The New Bai Group were ugly.

And at this moment.

Zheng Hao also reacted to the confusion.

Feeling his face like a pig’s head, he was completely crazy:

“Lin, you’re done! I promise you, The New Bai Group reputation is going to be discredited, I will make you the target of the entire network!”

“Your cooperation and your endorsements will all be canceled. If I don’t bring down your New Bai Group, then change my name!”

Zheng Hao’s voice was full of resentment.

Almost everyone could see that he had completely hated Shaun, and he was absolutely immortal.


“By you?”

Surprisingly, Shaun didn’t seem to have the slightest worries. He glanced at Zheng Hao indifferently, as if looking at another screaming reptile.

Then he turned his head and said to the assistant:

“Now you post pictures of me and Elvira online!”


Kelly is the goddess of the nation, the queen of Asia.

How could she care about an ordinary person’s request for interaction?

Is this a joke?

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