Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1098

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Chapter 1098

Hearing Shaun’s words, almost everyone looked at him like a fool.

Especially, Zheng Hao, seemed to have heard the funniest joke in the world, pointing at Shaun and cursing:

“Hahaha… Lin, you are so confused! Does Kelly know which green onion you are?”

“Don’t say it’s you, even me, I have the honor to meet Kelly’s side! She is the top celebrity in the entertainment industry, what are you and your New Bai Group! Hahaha…”

Zheng Hao laughed unusually arrogantly.

However, although his words were ugly, everyone in the hall agreed with him.

Kelly’s status in the entertainment industry is too high.

Not to mention a New Bai Group, even if he was the most powerful chaebol in China, Kelly didn’t even look at it. Even so far, she has never spoken for any industry on social platforms.

And now.

Shaun wanted Kelly to help him promote the video and pictures endorsement.

This is simply a fantasy.

For an instant.

Almost all the employees of The New Bai Group are shaking their heads. They feel that their boss is simply whimsical.

Not only everyone.

Elvira said to Shaun with a bitter face:

“Shaun, what do you want to do? Do you think Kelly will take care of us?”

“Yes, we had received Kelly’s concert tickets before, but that was only because I was a fan of her! How could a high-ranking idol care about ordinary fans like us?”

Elvira is not believing in her heart.

Shaun did not explain at all the doubts and puzzles of the people around him, but smiled and said to assistant Xiaoxian:

“Post it now! In three minutes, our New Bai Group will be popular on the whole network!”


Popular on the whole network?

This sentence fell in the ears of everyone, more like crazy talk.

Everyone even wondered if Shaun was insane.

Assistant Xiaoxian glanced at Elvira embarrassedly. After seeing Elvira nodded helplessly, she immediately opened the official social platform of New Bai’s, and then posted the photo of Shaun and Elvira.


After seeing this scene.

Zheng Hao couldn’t stop the sarcasm anymore, and burst into laughter again:

“Idiot! I have been in the entertainment industry for so many years, and I have never seen a star to help fans propagate endorsements! Hahaha, especially the queen Kelly, who never accepts commercial endorsements? This is a huge joke!”

“Haha, wait! In three minutes, your new Bais will not only not be popular on the entire network, but will even become a joke on the entire network!”

Zheng Hao laughed extremely confidently.

Even if someone kills him!

He definitely doesn’t believe that Kelly will talk to New Bai Group and Shaun.

Time goes by slowly every second.

One minute!

Two minutes!

Three minutes!

When the third minute was about to pass, Zheng Hao’s sarcasm smile grew thicker, while Elvira and others’ complexions became paler.

It’s impossible for someone to be a super queen in the entertainment industry to care about their small fans.

The corners of Elvira and the others’ mouths were full of wry smiles.

And Zheng Hao, when he was about to speak and continue to humiliate Shaun.

Assistant Xiaoxian swiped the web page, and then she looked at the phone, completely frozen.

Not only that.

She even suspected that she was dazzled, rubbed it hard, and then made sure that she was right.


She jumped up excitedly:

“Madam! There is a reaction! Kelly replied to us with words-the immortal couple!”

“Also, she reposted the endorsement advertisement of our The New Bai Group on her social platform, and she has sent the best wishes to you both!”

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